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Don's up front with Peggy while Bobbie's riding bitch in the back, and I realize it makes for a better camera setup but it's still pretty unrealistic that she's not flopped and drooling onto one of the windows. Peggy asks that she please give some warning if she's going to be sick, as she borrowed the car from her brother-in-law and gassed it up, and she doesn't want to have to clean it too. She then advises Don to keep Bobbie awake, and Don, after complying, gruffly tells Peggy that she can drop him off at Grand Central, and then asks Bobbie what she wants to do. Bobbie mumbles that Jimmy can't see her this way, so she should check in somewhere and see how her "shiner" heals. Don pointedly asks if Peggy has a roommate, and the answer is no, so the raise that came along with her copywriter status apparently has allowed her to afford her own place. Peggy catches on and tells Bobbie she should stay with her, tells Don he needs to rent a car, and offers to go into the city the next day to fetch Bobbie's drycleaning. Bobbie's response to this is to pass out, which seems like a pretty even trade. Don then tells Peggy that no one in the office can know about this. "It's business." Yes, Don, most business consists of stuff of which no one in the office can be aware. YOU DIRTBAG. Peggy assures Don that she'll forget about all this. "I don't want you treating me badly because I remind you of it." It's too bad for Bobbie that she's asleep, because she missed one hell of a line there. Don looks flummoxed at how neatly Peggy just told him how things are, but Peggy doesn't dwell on her little victory, instead saying how the situation can be fixed. Don manages to save a little bit of face by not passing out himself.

The sun is already rising by the time Don gets home, and he tries taking off his shoes, but Betty's wide awake when he gets up to the bedroom. In the dim light, she can't really see the state of him, so she asks where the hell he was, but he replies that he was in an accident. She flips on the light as he tells her about his recently-diagnosed high blood pressure, and speculates that the combination of the medication and copious amounts of booze was too much for him. Betty, of course, is chagrined that he kept her in the dark about his condition, and dismisses the idea that he didn't want to worry her with a sentiment that boils down to this: Nice job on that. She tells him that he promised he wouldn't disappear like that anymore, a promise it's reasonable to suppose she elicited from him after she came to the conclusion he was cheating. She's then shocked to hear that he's turning around and going in to work, but he tells her he doesn't want anyone to know. She urgently tells him her father has high blood pressure (alluded to so obliquely last episode that I didn't even mention it) and he promises that he'll stop by the doctor's on his way in to work. He asks her to help him get dressed, and she nods in silent assent.

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