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Bobbie's on the phone with Jimmy, lying that she's gone to a fat farm, as they're going to be all over the television, "and the camera adds ten pounds." She gives him a bit of shit for his behavior the night before, and then hangs up and greets Peggy, who's just returning from whichever of the many errands she's up to in aid of dealing with the whole mess. Peggy excuses herself to lie down for a bit, as she's not used to being up all night. Not since the voices stopped, anyway. First, however, she offers to make up the couch for Bobbie, and they chat a bit about Marilyn Monroe (the "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" event is mentioned as imminent) and concussions before Bobbie admits that she keeps forgetting the accident, and it keeps getting stranger in her mind. Peggy: "Well, if you're lucky, it will disappear." She heads off to lie down, but Bobbie stops her to ask if she's Don's secretary. Peggy tells her no, but they work together, leaving the obvious follow-up question of "Then why the hell are you doing this?" until after she's had her disco nap.

Joan is leading the episode title to her desk, saying that while they'll both be handling Don for the time being, she's expecting her as a college girl to jump in quickly, as she's got a lot of wedding planning to do. New Girl breathlessly compliments Joan's ring, and Joan looks at it, um, appraisingly. "You'd like to think it doesn't matter." Heh. New Girl whispers that she's "a little bit clairvoyant," and she thinks Joan and her fiancé will be very happy together. Honey, I hope you use your second sight to anticipate your boss's mercurial desires, or you'll soon be joining Lois at the switchboard, college degree or not. No sooner is New Girl seated than the "welcome wagon" (as Joan puts it) of Ken, Paul, and Harry appear. New Girl no sooner introduces herself as "Jane Siegel" when Don arrives with his arm in a sling and almost completely ignores Jane as he heads into his office. Inside, he explains to Ken, "I don't pay any attention anymore until they've been here a month." Heh. Ken tells Don he got an urgent call from Jimmy, and he wants to come in. Don is understandably wary of this development, and asks if Jimmy was upset about something. Ken: "Who can tell?" Nice one. Don suggests Ken put Jimmy off for a few days so he can cool down, and Ken sees what he thinks is the wisdom in that plan and heads out. Don picks up the phone...

...and rings Peggy's place to talk to Bobbie. Bobbie can't imagine why Jimmy would be calling Don, as everything went fine on her phone call with him. Don seems to buy this, and after a few awkward words, they hang up. Bobbie then tells Peggy she just has to know -- why is she doing this? Peggy says Don's her boss, and Bobbie notes, "Quite an example he's setting." Peggy offers that Don has done a lot for her, and Bobbie sighs that Don is a decent man. "You wouldn't think he would be." Particularly not after he jammed a finger into you, no. Peggy's cryptic reply is this: "You never expect him to be any other way than what he is." She heads into her room and closes the door...

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