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You May Not Like Pete... we cross-fade into a flashback of her lying morosely in the hospital. Off-screen, the doctor is telling Catherine that Peggy's still not in any condition to make decisions for herself, and they need to keep her for a few more weeks. Peggy then looks up and greets Catherine, who's standing with a very pregnant Anita. Hmm, that's interesting. I completely assumed that the infant in the crib back in the second ep was Peggy's son (the AMC site even refers to him as the cousin of Anita's kids) but if that's the case, what happened to the kid Anita's carrying in the flashback? The doctor tells Anita and Catherine they'll have to leave for the moment, so Catherine tells Peggy, "I'm goin', but I'm not leavin', Peaches." Aww. They step out, and the doctor sits and asks Peggy how she is. She tells him she's still so tired, but is able to correctly give the year and the President's name and her current location. However, when she's asked if she knows why she's in the hospital, her answer is no. She adds that she doesn't feel like herself, so the doctor confesses that that's because she's on medication to relax her, so she'll feel more like talking. It's probably also why it seems to be taking a Herculean effort just to move her head six inches in one direction, but no one said dosages were an exact science. The doctor says that he's told her this before -- she had a baby. Peggy is no more willing to accept this now than she was in last season's finale, so the doctor leaves without another word.

Pete enters a bathroom, cup in hand, and you all know where this is going, so let's just say he picks out a magazine called "Jaybird USA" and leave it at that.

Roger is aggressively playing with a ball attached to a paddle like a five-year-old boy would, and Joan enters and tells him the noise is audible outside. Roger replies that no one knows what he's doing. "It's good for mystique." With a knowing smile, she shows him the ring, and he responds by expressing some disdain for marriage and a hoary prediction about how her sex life will dwindle to nothing after the first year. He also mentions that he told his daughter the same thing, which, if it weren't John Slattery here, would be enough to earn him the label of Officially Creepy. Joan's with me: "I envy that girl, having you to give her away." She acidly goes on that she's been faithful to everyone she's been with. "And despite your jokes, I always assumed you were unhappy with Mona, not the whole idea." He assures her that she was something special, and she regains her smile to tell him that it doesn't matter now, as she fell in love. He tells her it's just another reason not to come in to work, and she assures him she's not going anywhere. Roger: "Yes you are. You'll see." Joan's smiles fades again, and she takes her leave.

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