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Peggy's sitting alone in her living room at night. The camera pans over behind a chair, and when it emerges, we're back in the hospital, where we can see that someone is sitting in the foreground waiting for Peggy to wake up. Given all the questions about why Peggy is so loyal to Don, it's no surprise to us that he's the one in the chair, but it is to Peggy, who asks what he's doing there. He points out that she disappeared right after her promotion, so he called her house, and her roommate gave him Catherine's number. "Your mother told me you were quarantined. TB. I guess that was supposed to lessen my concern." Don then asks what's actually wrong with Peggy, and she says she doesn't know. When he asks what they want her to do, she whispers the same response, but, matching her hushed tone, he tells her that she does know, and she should do it. He leans forward: "Peggy, listen to me. Get out of here, and move forward. This never happened. It will shock you how much it never happened." Peggy looks at him long, and nods. Electric scene, which of course gives us a more complete answer of why Peggy has so steadfastly acted like nothing happened. On the other hand, Don doesn't know about the kid, and that, as last week showed, is the element that's rather harder to ignore. Well, that and Anita.

Don's pouring himself a drink with his good hand while Pete and Sal discuss his father-in-law's account, and then Jane buzzes with the news that Jimmy's going to be early as Peggy walks in and apologizes for being late. Pete tells her what they were discussing, but Peggy says she needs more time, as she was "sick." Don gruffly indicates his arm and says he did his work. Yeah, and that's the problem. You don't mind of I call you "Dick," do you? She tells them additional help won't be necessary, so the boys leave, but she steels herself and closes the door. She hesitates, but tells him that a hundred and ten dollars is a lot of money for her. Slightly chastened, he hands over some bills and tells her he'll give her fifty the next day. She nods, and he offers, "I guess when you try to forget something, you have to forget everything." If only this show weren't so good at making you remember. Peggy puts on one of her Mona Lisa smiles: "Thank you, Don." Don looks at her questioningly, but she holds his gaze for a moment before stepping out. And here I thought I was done with the unseemly cheering now that the Olympics are over. Outside, everyone watches Jimmy and Bobbie arrive, and Jimmy grossly hits on Jane for a moment, allowing Peggy and Bobbie to share a momentary conspiratorial look. Jimmy and Bobbie enter Don's office, and Jimmy notes the state of Don's arm, which Don says is an old football injury. Jimmy doesn't smile: "I get those too." Hmm, is Jimmy perhaps more observant than his insufferable blowhard exterior would lead us to believe? Oh, wait, I don't care. He thanks Don for helping convince the Utz people to let him do the show, and Don looks uncharacteristically thrown for a moment before he tells Jimmy it was his pleasure. Jimmy goes on that given his behavior, it wouldn't have surprised him if Don had refused to get involved, but he just wants Don to know that he's not a bad guy. Don smiles and says he already knew that, but Jimmy replies, "Nobody knows that." It's odd not wanting to argue with him. The Barretts leave, and Don closes the door to reflect on the very strange five minutes he just had.

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