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Giving Up The Ghost

Pete arrives home to find Trudy (not wearing a house dress, I feel I should note) feeding Tammy and Trudy has him check out some sketches of a pool she wants to have put in. She adds that Pete is "so much better" when he gets some sun, but Pete thinks it's a bad idea. "Tammy could drown!" Whether she understands the sentiment or not, Tammy chooses that moment to start bawling, which only augments Trudy's retort that she's tired of Pete's doom and gloom. And given that you can practically see the grey cloud over him, I'm starting to think Beth wasn't so wrong after all.

Roger and Marie burst through some French doors and fall onto the bed and they make out and exchange some light flirtation until Roger gets serious, telling him that one of his business partners ended it all and he could never do that unless he was sure he was going someplace better. "But then I think, maybe that place is here." Marie wonders what he's getting at, so he tells her -- he needs to drop acid again to really appreciate life and he'd like her to take it with him. Marie, however, recognizes how intimate a request this really is and begs him not to ask her to take care of him. He visibly deflates, but when she asks if there's anything else she can do, he kisses her and... well, you know, reinflates.

Don comes home to find Megan, not to put too fine a point on it, piss-ass drunk and he helps her to bed, on the way learning that Marie "abandoned" her. In the effort to haul her into bed, he falls on top of her and she tries for a kiss but he gives her the Hot Tooth Face, and she's not too wasted to tell him to go to the dentist, although it's because she wants to be able to do him. "It's the only thing I'm good for." Don wonders what happened to make her think something so ugly, but Megan goes on that this is what he wants, for her to be waiting for him when he gets home, which is why he won't give her a chance. If that's the case, it's pretty clever of her to illustrate the ugly side of that scenario. (And I may not have given the show enough credit at the time, but in retrospect, Megan feeling like she's supposed to be home for Don makes her pasta-hurling freakout over his late drinks with Joan make a lot more sense.) He tells her that's not true, but, half-crying, she tells him it's either that or she's terrible. "But how the hell would you know?" It's a good point, made all the more impressive by the fact that she's presenting it to four of him. Hearing Marie come in, Don tells Megan to sleep it off...

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