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Giving Up The Ghost

Pete gets a buzz that his sister-in-law (first, why haven't we seen HER yet and second, her name is "Judy"! Judy and Trudy, it explains so much!) is on the phone, but when he picks up he's unpleasantly surprised to learn that it's Beth, who tells him she needs to see him. He's annoyed, but gets on the intercom to send Clara down to the lobby for some Life Savers ("I want them fresh!" he snaps when she asks what's wrong with the ones in the machine) and then returns to snit that he guesses Beth suddenly remembered who he is thanks to their little meeting on the train. She tells him she'll be at the Hotel Pennsylvania under the name "Mrs. Campbell" and I'm ninety-nine percent sure Pete wouldn't have been dumb enough to book a place he and Trudy have stayed before. Ninety-nine percent. Pete childishly tells her he hopes she likes waiting, since that's what he did, as if she didn't tell him in all the ways English allows that she wasn't coming. She tells him this may be their last chance, but instead of trying to parse the cryptic statement, he slams the phone down. And it's cute the way he's trying to act like the chances of him going aren't greater than say, ninety-nine percent.

Peggy, her suit and office indicative of her new compensation level, is positively barking at two male underlings about some copy for Ajax when Chaough interrupts and asks the boys to clear out for a moment. Instead of chastising her for her rough (albeit possibly deserved) treatment of her staff though, he asks if she smokes and when she tries to tell him not really, he replies, "Get started." Heh. He tosses her a carton of what he calls "Phillip Morris's top-secret ladies' cigarette" going on to add that Leo Burnett thinks the account is too small, so now it's in review. "And it's your job to make sure they're sorry." Peggy's like, awesome, so Chaough has some dude wheel in three boxes full of research and tells her to go through it at her leisure and then get her underlings on it. Her face falling a bit at the dissertation-like amount of reading in front of her, Peggy asks Chaough if they told him anything she should know and he takes the long way to answer her, asking if her boyfriend lights her cigarettes. She weakly reiterates that she doesn't smoke, but he demurs and then tells her the concept has to make noise. "Maybe she lights it herself." He adds, "You're a woman and you smoke. What do you want?" I could write quite a bit about the implications of this scene, but I'm going to do the short version and save the rest for later: Remember Peggy drunkenly telling Dawn that she wasn't sure if she could act like a man, which she was equating with being a boss? That she wasn't sure she wanted to? This episode is where she leaves those doubts behind by realizing that she can be a woman and still be the boss and this business is indicative of that. Bobbie Barrett would be so proud.

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