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Giving Up The Ghost

Also, I'm horrible at noticing specific set design items, but I love the framed poster on her wall of the "2nd New York Film Festival." How hip it must have seemed then!

Joan -- her glasses-on-a-chain emphasizing her increased station even as the pen dangling between her boobs lets us not forget her other attributes -- is informing the partners that all work from the previous year has posted (we'll learn that it's late March, with Easter upon us and don't think the proximity to Jesus's death and rebirth is a coincidence) and now that Mohawk is returning to its pre-strike billings, revenues are up thirty-four percent from the previous year making it their best quarter ever. You can, I suppose, forgive Don for being crabby despite this news, given that he's using his drink to ice his tooth, but that is possibly just another indication that he should GO TO THE DAMN DENTIST ALREADY. Bertram is much happier, but does ask if she found him an office and Joan informs them about Harry thwarting her errand that morning (wonder if Scarlett is putting that in the minutes), but says she's meeting with the building manager at lunch. Roger pipes up that she should get more space than they need, to which Joan asks if there are any objections. She's met with silence, but a close-up of an empty chair representing Lane clues us in to her thoughts, so she answers her own question, saying that she feels someone at least has to make mention of the negatives and wonders whether after only one great quarter they should take care not to overextend themselves. Pete, his impatience letting us know that noon is approaching, asks if they can just vote already, but Joan offers that they could also simply table the discussion until June. At Scarlett's prompting, the partners vote in favor of tabling, but Joan testily informs them that tabling only needs to be seconded and I'd expect at least Bertram to know that but it's no surprise that Pete mutters, "What is this, Parliament?" When Joan's running things, Pete? DAMN STRAIGHT and I know from Twitter that I was not nearly the only one for whom Joan sticking up for proper parliamentary procedure was a highlight. Don blearily asks if the meeting is over, but Joan acidly tells him it isn't; however, Pete gets up and tells Don he's giving him his proxy and leaves and look who knows a little something about parliamentary procedure when it benefits him. Don: "We can do that?" Leave it to Pete Campbell to open THAT can of worms.

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