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Giving Up The Ghost

Pete and Beth are in bed, and you'll be glad (I... guess?) to know the overcoat came off sometime between the last scene and now. He's got his eyes closed, but after Beth stares at him with a smile on her face for a bit, she tells him she should go as Howard's coming by after work. Pete, awake after all, lightly suggests what she should tells him -- "I couldn't find the party, then I couldn't get a cab," and forgetting the offensiveness of the ditzy-woman impression, maybe levity in general isn't exactly called for here? Pete tries to hold her in bed, breathing that she must feel better now and when Beth sits up and starts getting dressed, Pete breathes that Howard wants to control Beth and he's a monster. But Beth is willing to own her depression: "It's so dark, Peter. I just get to this place and I suddenly feel this door open. And I want to walk through it." Pete sniffs that such a final solution is for weak people, "people who can't solve a problem," and he's got to have Lane on his mind here, but I don't think he's understanding the idea that it's not always not being able to solve problems but the feeling that doing so is meaningless. He will, though. He pulls her back down and asks what will happen if she forgets she loves him, but she points out that they don't even know each other. "We just happen to have the same problem." He offers that that's only because they're apart and she breathes, "Oh. Then I was wrong." I guess she thought Pete was severely depressed too, and I'm not saying she's mistaken either. She adds that she really should go and when he asks why, she simply replies, "Because it works." He does prevail upon her to stay for five more minutes and she holds his wrist in her hand as we go to commercial.

Megan and Marie are sipping some wine and flipping through magazines, Marie showing off her freshly-done hair, when Don arrives home. Marie is happy to hear that he's feeling better, but adds, "Just in case, I made soup." Heh. Don goes to change for dinner and Megan follows him to ask if he's really feeling better; he swears that he is, but the scrunchy faces he makes before he sees her belie that thought. Megan screws up her courage and tells Don about Emily mentioning the commercial, and before we go on I'll say that it's interesting Don hadn't even told Megan about it before -- it shows how far out of the SCDP loop she's become. Megan stammers about how she hears it's for a European-type girl and she'd be mad at herself if she didn't ask, "and I wouldn't ask if I didn't think I'd be right for it, but I really am." Whoa. Whoa! Did Megan just completely sell her friend out there? I think she did! Maybe she has what it takes to be an actress after all! It takes a moment for Megan's words to penetrate Don's haze of tooth pain and when he turns somewhat uncomprehendingly, she sits down and tells him she only wants him to put her name in a pile, and she'll submit herself as Megan Calvet, and she just so happens to have something that shows how she looks on film. Don is surprised that she'd want to be in a commercial and goes on, "I thought you hated advertising." Megan saves me the trouble of disputing that. Whatever pain Don is in, however, doesn't seem to affect his ability to be condescending when the mood strikes him, as he tells her commercials aren't art, "and you're an artist, aren't you?" I guess we're past the point where we can pretend to be surprised at Don's disingenuousness about what's involved in pursuing an acting career, so Megan -- after wondering if he's mad at her -- tells him that all her friends would kill for a national commercial. I mean, at what they pay, I'd kill for one and I'm not even an actor.

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