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Giving Up The Ghost

But Don tells her she doesn't need money, which is hardly the only benefit a national commercial would afford her and in a hurt voice, she asks him if he knows how hard it was for her to ask him. I'm assuming she's leaving any guilt she felt at screwing her friend over out of it. Don at least makes a more relevant point in saying that it would be equally hard for him to ask the client to hire his wife, especially since Ken, Stan and Ginzo will be there on set, and then he grimaces in pain, which I suppose you could take as his tooth editorializing about those three. Hey, Don's tooth, I'd happily watch a spin-off of the three of them. After some more obligatory discussion of dentist visits, Megan limply tells him to forget she brought it up -- "it's just been so hard." As the phone rings, Don lets go his anger as well and says he does know, but assures her that she doesn't want it this way and I'm not necessarily disagreeing, but he certainly had no problem with, say, MAKING HER A COPYWRITER. Nevertheless, she reluctantly agrees and then Don answers the phone. After a pause, a man asks for Marie in a stilted French accent, but Don assumes its Emile, even though we see that it's Roger. Ha! There's your explanation for all the hang-ups; even Roger wasn't dumb enough to think he could pass that off as a real French accent to a native speaker. Don continues to crack me up by telling Megan that he thinks Emile is drunk and Megan scoffs but does go to the other room to give her mother the news. After Marie has picked up and Don has gotten off the call, Roger confesses his identity, and Marie goes with it, asking in French how the conference in Regina was, for Megan's benefit. Roger's befuddled, but Marie has a plan, going on that yes, they can talk since Megan's in the other room and Megan picks up the cue and heads back into the bedroom as Roger wonders, "What is Regina?" Hee.

Megan hands Don a drink, for which he thanks her and then apologizes that he would help her if he could. She smiles tightly and says she's going to take a bath before dinner, but as soon as the door's closed and the water's running, she breaks down into sobs...

...while Marie is asking how Roger knew she was there. Roger: "Because Don was complaining you were drinking all his liquor." Marie, God love her, just laughs musically before they enter into a little verbal dance that ends in her promising to try to visit him at the Stanhope, his current temporary residence, "on the condition that you lower your expectations." In other words, chance of blowjob? Slim.

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