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Giving Up The Ghost

Don's resting his eyes and tooth, still on the bed, as the water continuing to run suggests that Megan is letting more frustrations out than have to do with this one commercial. And given the ghosts of Lane and Adam swirling around, shouldn't he, like, check on her?

Oh, speaking of which, when Don walks through SCDP the next day, which is bustling with far more employees than we've ever seen, he sees Adam again and I think we've all made the connection at this point? When he reaches Dawn, he requests some ice and she goes to get it for him, but not before informing him that Joan has been waiting inside to see him for some time. He enters and after the morning greetings, she tells him she'd like to reopen the conversation about more space -- you see, she's been trying very hard to be responsible and careful on behalf of the company, yet the money keeps pouring in. She hands over a check to Don, whose eyes go wide and the only time I've ever seen that is when Roger told him how much he stood to make from the PPL merger, so you know this is no chump change we're dealing with. And indeed, Joan tells him that it's the benefit from the company's insurance policy in compensation for Lane's death (and they did work in not only the company being the beneficiary but also the fact that it covered suicide to one of Pete's storylines earlier in the season), to the tune of one hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars. Recovered from the number of figures on the check, Don wonders what Joan's question is, so she simply asks why Lane did what he did, going on that she can't help thinking about what she could have done to stop him. "Why didn't I give him what he wanted?" Don doesn't get what that might have been at first, but Joan meets his gaze pointedly and Don's reaction is like, "even I am not witty enough to come up with a pithy comment about the marriage of Lane's desperation and your loaded sexuality, so I'm just going to sit here and wallow in tooth pain."

After a moment, Joan goes on that now there's this money, so Don gets an idea that might simultaneously alleviate some of the guilt and make some small amends for his part in Lane's death: They'll take fifty grand of the money and give it to Rebecca as repayment of Lane's investment in the company. And they explain about the investment actually having been a loan from the partners, but beyond that Lane's partnership interest isn't necessarily predicated on him being an active partner, is it? We know Bertram's sister was a partner in SC and she never worked there as far as we know. Of course, Don might do the exact same thing anyway, but I find it hard to believe that legally, Lane's interest in the company would vanish upon his death. Not that it's likely to be relevant either way, but still. Joan asks if they shouldn't have a vote, but Don tells her no and the idea that Joan thinks the plan is equitable is strongly suggested by her willingness to abandon parliamentary procedure with so short a fight. Standing, Joan wonders if Don is under the weather and he confesses he has a "hot tooth," which is just begging for a hacky joke about the tooth being in good company, but we'll move on to Joan telling Don she knows a dentist in the steeple of the Chrysler Building. "Even if he can't help you, you still get to see the view." Good enough for me, but Don tells her the pain will go away, and I know Don grew up a rube, but I thought even taking care of horses would give you some idea about the importance of diligent oral care. Dawn enters with the ice and Joan lingers long enough to tell Don, "Put that on your face, not in a drink." Don looks back at her like, "Don't worry, Dawn will be making another trip soon."

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