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Peggy marches up to Moira and asks if she relayed the message to Ted that she needs to see him, but Moira rather relishes informing Peggy that Ted went home. Peggy disbelievingly asks when, hearing this in response: "Right after I told him you needed to see him." I mean, poor Peggy, but still: HA! Peggy looks hurt for a moment, but then gets a steely expression as she looks in the direction of Don's office... which he's lying on the couch when Peggy bursts in and tells him she knows what he did -- she's just not sure why he did it. He at first tries to mollify her, saying they can still do the ad, but that goes nowhere so he gets real and tells her he saved both of them. "How do you think it looks?" Peggy goes back to a familiar refrain as she tells Don that he hates that Ted's a good man, but Don tells her he's not that virtuous. "He's just in love with you." Peggy shoots back that Don killed Ted, the ad and everything. "You can stop now." Don's voice cools as he tells her he's looking out for the agency, but Peggy gets the last word on her way out: "You're a monster." And he'd never let her see it, but this comment is like a slap in the face and when she's gone, he curls up on the couch. An overhead shot on Don in the fetal position bookends the episode and makes it clear that Peggy's rejection hurts just as much as Sally's. Someday, Don, maybe she'll realize you had her best interests at heart. Not sure I can say the same about Sally, though. The Monkees' "Porpoise Song" sends us to credits, and I'll see you next week for the season finale!

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