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...and straight over to Benson, who's waiting to hear the results with his usual fake-to-some-unknown-degree smile. When Pete comes over and shakes his hand with an expression on his face that's far from conciliatory, though, Benson sounds a little worked up as he asks if there's a problem, to which Pete says he doesn't want to work with him nor stay in a hotel with him. "You're sick." The heart wants what it wants, Benson, but I can imagine someday you will wonder just exactly what you were thinking. Benson asks why he'd say that, and when Pete asks if he didn't profess his love for him, Benson tells him he was merely expressing admiration and adds that he wants to be on the account solely because he cares about Chevy. Sounding just a bit dangerous, he tells Pete he should watch what he says to people -- not that Pete's intimidated, although he does finally break the handshake that's hilariously been going on for almost thirty seconds. Benson then makes a loud, fake show of congratulating Pete before heading off, after which Clara asks, "So?" In response, Pete spits "So what," and then rushes into his office so quickly that no one has time to say "Sew your pants."

Betty's driving Sally to Miss Porter's as she asks if she's anxious before fondly saying she expects her to sail through the interview. Sally cracks wise about how she wasn't nervous before, but Betty goes on that she's excited for her and starts to relate a story about a high-school classmate of hers going to boarding school, but Sally cuts off the reminiscing by saying Betty told her already. Betty's smile disappears: "Did I tell you she hated her mother?" Sally: "Good for her." Their relationship's obviously still far from perfect, but it is so much more watchable now that Sally's old enough to give and get wit. Betty takes a breath and asks if Sally's doing this to get away from boys, and when Sally barely stops eating from her McDonald's bag to make a smart remark in reply, Betty snaps that she's offering reasons because Sally isn't being forthcoming. She threatens to turn the car around, so Sally looks up and delivers this: "I want to be a grownup, but I know how important my education is." Betty's like, oh, and sounds like of hilariously disappointed at how mature that answer was. Sally, you may have pulled that out of your ass, but that only bodes well for the interview.

Pete's on the phone with Duck and after Pete makes it clear he's not looking for other employment anymore, he tells Duck he's calling on behalf of "a young Account man whom we love, but we can't promote because Draper doesn't like him." Good call using Don as the scapegoat given Duck's acrimonious relationship with him. He tells Duck that frankly, he's got to get "this kid" out of there, and if Duck gives him some leads, he can push them on him. Duck speculates that Benson "must be pretty good if he's in your way," and Pete acknowledges that he's "eager to please." I guess that it's good we're watching, because the double meaning is lost on Duck and I hate to see one go to waste. Pete runs down Benson's credentials -- used to work at Brown Brothers Harriman and went to Beloit and Wharton. Duck accepts the assignment while charging Pete a thousand bucks in cash...

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