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The Man-Boy Becomes A Man

Also hilariously, Roger gets back on the phone after that little excursion to tell Garner how dedicated to their needs he is, "but if you want to get into the line-by-line of the costs we've billed for, I'll have Lane Pryce at the foot of your bed in 20 minutes." Well, I've had sexier mental pictures, I have to admit. At whatever response comes from the other end, Roger rolls his head back in disgust, prompting Don to claim that there's a fire outside. Jumping at the proffered opportunity, Roger chimes in that it's right down by Radio City, and they have to go. Well, it's not as funny as blowing fake "You're breaking up!" static into a cell phone, but it certainly got the job done. When they're off, Roger and Don look at each other like they know this conversation does not bode well for the firm's future, and then Allison asks if she should type everything up. Roger says yes, and continues that she should remind him to tell Caroline to tell Pryce that Lucky Strike noticed they're being billed for all the work done for everyone else at SCDP. "You know what? I don't want that on paper." I see the wisdom, but while you're at it, you might get her to excise the part about the fake fire, too. Once Roger takes his leave, Allison grabs the empty bottle of booze and asks about the letter; when Don tells her it's from a "dear friend," she wonders if it's the one from California. Don tersely tells her yes as he hands her his outgoing correspondence, and she looks slightly hurt at his failure to offer anything more personal. Will that theme pay off with physical violence? You'll just have to wait to find out.

Pete enters his office, and the support beam in the middle of it prevents him at first from seeing that Harry's eating at his desk. Once he catches sight of him with a start, he seethes, "I hate this office." Harry replies that Pete wanted to be close to Roger, like, who asked you and what are you even doing in there, but I guess the answer is that he wanted to ask Pete if he's seen Sunday's paper. Pete, pouring a drink, tells him that if he's referring to the Playtex ad therein, he's been told the printer mistakenly swapped paper stocks, "and I don't care if she looks like a Puerto Rican. Puerto Rican girls buy brassieres." If this is based on personal experience, I don't want to know about it. Of course, I want even less to know about Harry drooling over the memory of a Puerto Rican woman he saw on the subway, so let's move on to where he shows Pete an announcement in the paper -- Ken is getting married. Pete asks what that is to him, so Harry tells him that Ken took him and Jennifer to the opera the month prior, and they had great seats and now he knows why -- his fiancée's father is the CFO of Corning. "My father-in-law's a bus driver -- the only place he can take me is to the moon." The Honeymooners reference aside, are we taking up a collection here? Pete wonders why Harry was fraternizing with the competition, but Harry dismissively says that "Geyer" is twice their size, and besides, they're friends. Pete disgustedly tells Harry not to be always looking for a job, although when he reads the transcript of the Lucky Strike conversation I wonder if he'll change his tune, and Harry basically tells him it can't hurt to keep ties with a "comer" like Ken, who by the way has Mountain Dew these days. He adds that he's having lunch with Ken the next day, and Pete should come along. "Worst case, Kenny'll brag too much, and then you can steal a client from him." Heh. First time Harry's made me laugh in a while, I tell you what, but Pete's too down about the way his day's going to appreciate it, and when Harry's gone, he goes and rests his head on the support beam. The beam is like, "I thought you hated me!"

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