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The Man-Boy Becomes A Man

Peggy gets on the elevator and sees a young woman holding a binder, attached to which is a pink slip that reads "REJECTED." Astute as she is, Peggy offers that that looks like bad news, but the woman says the bad news isn't hers -- she's Joyce, an assistant photo editor at Life, and she looks impressed that Peggy's a copywriter. Peggy says she loves Life's photos, but Joyce says she'll never see the ones she's holding. Conspiratorially, she shows Peggy some of them, and they're female nudes, which I guess is what the nudity warning at the top of the hour was all about. Peggy admits that she'd be shocked if she saw them in Life, and Joyce tells her the photographer is a friend of hers, but her boss hates nudes. "Who hates nudes?" Peggy, thankfully and wisely, decides not to get into all the complaints they must get about any ads seen to violate the merest standards of propriety, instead pointing to another picture and opining that it's beautiful. Joyce is like, "Oh, REALLY," and after they say their goodbyes the way she stares after Peggy makes it clear her les-dar is pinging in a big way. Sorry, Joyce, but she likes male parts. I mean, considering the sexual partners of hers we've seen, there's no alternative explanation.

Tom, Trudy's father, is already waiting at the bar of some establishment when Pete enters; after a brief hesitation, he moves to join him. After Pete orders a drink, Tom asks what's so important, and on second view he does have this playing-along-with-the-charade look on his face, which is fun. Pete tells him he hopes he knows he's always tried to do his best by him, and with eyes looking like they're about to pop out of their sockets from stress, he babbles for a while in attempting to break the news, but Tom, totally misinterpreting, laughs that Pete is "some kind of high WASP, all right," and says he already knows before giving Pete an affectionate kiss on the cheek. Pete, astute as he is, figures out that this isn't really an appropriate reaction to getting dumped, and so asks what Tom is talking about, and Tom jovially says his wife Jeannie went to the doctor with Trudy. Pete, having long had reason to believe his wife is as barren as the ladies of her station in The Handmaid's Tale, is stunned, and Tom sticks a wing tip in his mouth before removing it and saying it was Monday that she got the news, so why hasn't she told him? Pete, who even through the surprise seems a lot happier than you might have expected, muses that he doesn't know before breaking into a grin: "I'm going to be a father?" Aw. An enjoyable moment is made far more so by Kartheiser's work as he puts his hand over his heart and says he feels like it's going to burst, and Tom, doubly happy now that his faux pas has already been forgotten, orders a bottle of champagne and says they're going to tie one on. He doesn't, however, forget that Pete had something else he wanted to discuss with him, but Pete hems and haws for a moment before he says they're putting new Creative on Clearasil, and Tom replies that he doesn't care. That's pretty clever from Pete, because if Tom later asks, he can claim he said they're putting no Creative on Clearasil. Tom starts babbling about how they would have had more kids if not for his wife's forced hysterectomy, but Pete's already lost in his own thoughts...

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