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The Man-Boy Becomes A Man

...and when he gets home, Trudy greets him in a state; Tom just called her, drunk and in tears, and confessed his error. She adds that she was just waiting until their anniversary that weekend to tell him, but Pete kisses her and says he doesn't care how he heard, and Trudy's overjoyed at his reaction, but when he says it feels different than he expected, she asks, "How would you know what this feels like?" What a bizarre thing to say. He's talking about being a father, right, and he didn't say he knew what it felt like, only that he had an expectation in advance, so... what? Did she think he was claiming to know how being pregnant feels? Anyway, they sit down, and Pete considerately asks how she's feeling, but Trudy's still on about her father, so Pete confesses the news about having to drop Clearasil and how he didn't have the wherewithal to do so once he got the other news, as he was "so bowled over." As adaptable as she's proved to be, it's no surprise when Trudy offers to break the news to her father herself: "He's already so guilty he'll never feel the knife go in." Pete doesn't want to let her do that, and points out that SCDP needed Tom, but Trudy firmly replies, "And now you don't. Tomorrow night. Yankee Pot Roast." So, pregnancy hormones make you shrewder and more calculating, is that the lesson here?

Joan marches up to Allison's desk with a slightly older secretary in tow and says it's time, and that "Caroline" will watch her desk. Allison asks why Caroline doesn't have to do this, and Joan rather acerbically replies, "You don't have to do this. You're getting paid." Caroline, however, jokes, "We're old and we're married. They don't want us!" She taps Joan's arm in an "Am I right?" gesture that I'm surprised doesn't result in her being burned to a crisp by Joan's Eyebeams Of Death, and then adds that she does use Pond's. Joan gives a tiny yet detectable eye-roll before shepherding Allison off into a room with the other girls, and she and another girl "Megan" close the curtains...

...while in the adjoining room, Don and Peggy are joined by Freddy and Dr. Miller, the latter of whom, holding her usual business suit on a hanger while she wears a much less threatening blue sweater and skirt, snits that she had to wait until the girls left the ladies' room to change. Freddy pointedly pipes up, "You could have used my office, but I don't have one." Well, I would have suggested you build one and bill Lucky Strike for it, but it sounds like that ship has sailed. Peggy hands Dr. Miller a nametag, and Dr. Miller says there's a mistake - she did want her first name, as is on the tag, but she also wanted it deliberately misspelled (leaving off the "e") because it would show the girls she's not that important and thus make them trust her. Well, if you're going to be that devious, couldn't you lie that your name is actually spelled "Fay?" Maybe that's one too many untruths of which to keep track, but the oversight by the writing staff does make it seem like she missed a trick. Dr. Miller hands the tag and her wedding ring to Peggy, and then Joan comes in and warns her "there's lots of perfume." Dr. Miller: "There always is." She heads out, and Joan opens the curtains and switches on the speaker, saying that she supposes (I guess they're in her space) that she'll go work in Roger's office. "He won't be coming." She exits...

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