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The Man-Boy Becomes A Man

...and inside, Dr. Miller introduces herself as "Faye," and then makes a show of looking around for a nonexistent nametag. "I guess they forgot about me." The women chuckle as the observers in the other room look like they want to take a shower, and it is rather disturbing the way Dr. Miller is playing into the way these women feel they should be subservient and stupid by concealing the fact that she is not those things. I'm not saying it's unrealistic, just unsettling, and it does have the intended effect, as one of the participants offers that they spelled her name wrong. Faye (if that's how she's going to refer to herself here, I'll take the opportunity to type fewer characters) tells the women they should relax and feel like they're among friends; in the other room, Peggy absently tries on Faye's ring until she notices Don looking at her with a shit-eating smirk. Well, at least Freddy didn't catch that, or she'd really never hear the end of it. Faye pours the girls some water as she says they're going to talk about the things they do to keep themselves beautiful, and offers that she has a routine -- she brushes her hair as many times as she did when she was a girl, "but of course, only the nights before I have it set." Boy, is this scene making me miss Gretta, the Commandant of Focus Groups. In the other room, Freddy sighs, "Can you imagine? Your financial future is in the hands of a roomful of 22-year-old girls." Don, amused: "Not mine." And a good thing too, considering most of them have a voodoo doll of you full of pins.

Back in the focus group, Faye takes a bite of a Danish and then "confesses" that "sometimes" she watches her weight, and the girls giggle, and my God, how exhausting must it be to have to lead them by the nose to get them to do every little thing? I'm waiting for her to give input on their breathing technique. Also, her comprehensive insincerity in this situation makes me think her self-deprecation when we met her was horseshit. Anyway, with pastries now flying freely, Megan feels comfortable enough to pipe up that she doesn't use Pond's, as she's "of French extraction" and as such has beautiful skin -- in fact, her mother only uses water on her face, and she does the same. By the way, now that I get a good look at her, I see that the casting director must have been the third person that watched Jack And Bobby to the very end, as Megan is played by Jessica Paré, who played Courtney, who was the daughter of -- wait for it -- John Slattery. If Bradley Cooper is going to show up as Bertram's long-lost son or something, I can't say I'll be upset. Faye draws Megan out about her routine, prompting Peggy to opine that Faye is "amazing," and somewhere, Joyce gets a very hopeful feeling and has no idea why. Another participant starts to talk about the night cream she uses but happens to mention her boyfriend in the process, and that's where things start to go downhill, as her neighbor generalizes about boyfriends being unappreciative, and Night Cream Girl confesses her guy dumped her a year ago. Allison then gets in on the act, saying it's worse sometimes when the men notice your beauty, and then gives Don a quick look through the mirror glass, like, is the slow class tuning in this week?

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