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The Man-Boy Becomes A Man

When Peggy returns, things are wrapping up, which seems like quite the liberty, timeline-wise, but at least Freddy informs Peggy, "Nothing else good happened." Heh. Right afterward, Faye comes in and opines that it went very well; Megan then opens the door and asks if "she" is okay, and Faye is like, "Who?" I'm pretty sure I already got the sense that this woman's hard as nails and doesn't give a crap about any of these girls, thanks. It's a small point, but it annoys regardless; the same sentiment could have been conveyed by a disinterested look, and I don't buy that someone as precisely calculating as Faye would let fly even one line that would compromise her one-of-the-girls image to Megan, even now that the session is over. Peggy assures her Allison's fine, and after she withdraws, Joan enters from the other side and asks if it's okay to restore the place to normal, so Don suggests they adjourn to his office. Peggy, however, with Allison on the brain, hilariously suggests they go in the focus-group room, which is what they end up doing. Joan closes the curtains, for which I thank her, as I have had more than enough of the goings-on in that room for one day.

Pete and Harry are at a steakhouse, and Harry congratulates him on his news, even offering that he and "Jen" have a closetful of "baby crap," should Pete be inclined to take some off their hands. I guess that means Harry and Jennifer aren't planning on procreating further? Good to know. Ken arrives, and right after that, a waiter informs "Mr. Crane" (he actually speaks to Pete, to Harry's dismay) that he has a phone call. When they're alone, Ken fumes for a few seconds before telling Pete he's got something to say: "I would appreciate it for the future if you would not say shitty things about me behind my back." Given that he did that the entire time they were working together, it seems ironic that Ken would both notice and have a problem with it now, but Ken goes on to say that he heard Pete described him as "an all-American idiot who fell into everything," and what's more, he told Trudy that Ken was the one driving the Deere when it lopped off Guy MacEndrick's foot. Pete supposes that he probably only told her he was involved, as they all were, and that it was Ken's account, but Ken plows on (sorry) that Harry told him Pete said Ken was just marrying for money. Pete half-yells that Harry is the one that said that, and hilariously, Ken is basically like, "Harry's a douchebag and everyone knows it, but when you say it, it actually has some import." He adds that Trudy knows his fiancée via "some garden club," and Pete apologizes for the whole thing.

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