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"He Wants To Be A Guy, But Also Wants To Be A Man"
RS: Yes. CB: And it seems like one of the reasons Harry tells his wife is that he's unable to pull that off, which could be interpreted as healthier. You know, you acknowledge every part of yourself. RS: Absolutely. Yeah…[laughs] I mean, I wouldn't think that anyone would stretch so far as to say that Don's choices are healthier. [both laugh] CB: So the scene in the season finale in which Don pitches the Carousel concept is obviously one of the biggest moments of the show -- powerfully moving, and I think your character obviously felt that more than anyone else because of where he was. RS: [both laugh] Yeah. CB: Tell me what it was like to film that scene. RS: Well, it's funny…the finished version, which I think packed more emotional punch than it would have otherwise, was so much different from how we shot it. The way it was shot was much more…and in the script also, there was much more time spent on Harry throughout. And they made an editing choice that I remember them talking about before I saw it, and they said, "Don't freak out over this." And I didn't freak out over it, because I thought it was really, totally, the right choice emotionally for the audience, to hear that whole speech and get to experience it themselves, and then see how it's impacting the people in the room. But as for shooting it, it was luckily my last day of shooting, and I'm kind of an emotional guy anyway, so it was a very easy thing for me in a way…[laughs]…but it was also difficult, because I've never had to do the crying thing on camera. I've had to do it onstage, but with that, you're like, forty feet away from everybody. So it was hard, in a way, but everybody was so supportive…I mean, this whole cast and crew are like…people just wouldn't believe it if I told them how amazing everyone is. So supportive and so encouraging -- there are almost no egos. It's really incredible -- they were all so supportive and so encouraging and so cheerful, with me in that day, it was really a phenomenal experience. It was kind of like a trust fall -- you're mid-fall and you're nervous for that one second that no one's going to catch you, and then…it was very reassuring. CB: Yeah, I mean, obviously sitting there filming is not the same as the finished product, with the music and the slides and everything, but it still must have been emotional. RS: It was emotional -- I mean, we'd been doing it for four and a half months straight, and at that time we didn't know if we had a second season, so I was thinking…I mean, really, all I thought about in that scene was that this could be the last thing I shoot. This could be Harry Crane's last frame of film ever. And that was enough to make me emotional.

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