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"He Wants To Be A Guy, But Also Wants To Be A Man"
CB: Yeah, I thought it was such a great touch, but also so heartbreaking, when she's already slipping back into this secretary mode, telling him where he can get his glasses fixed. RS: Yeah. CB: It was great. So next season, you'll be starting with the advantage of the audience already knowing your character. RS: Yes. CB: So what kind of story arc would you like to see for Harry, or what kind of challenges would you like personally, as an actor? RS: Oh, gosh. That's a good question. I mean, I guess I'd like to see…you know, it's funny, I remember reading on your site, people saying that for guys who work in advertising, they don't seem to work a lot. And I would love for Harry to have more projects to work on. But it's hard, again -- he's a media buyer, so I would think that a lot of his job would be spent on the phone with some guy who runs a billboard company, you know? [laughs] It's not going to be that exciting, but I would be interested just to kind of see what each of the guys has done. CB: Well, I guess the show is never going to put it in if it doesn't yield some insight into your character. RS: Exactly. Yeah. CB: But it would be great to do both. RS: Yeah, absolutely. And as far as storylines go, I am as eager as anyone who cares about the show to see what is going to happen with Harry and his wife, will it work out… CB: [laughs] Will we meet her? RS: [laughs] Will we meet her? Will she remain as Vera did on Cheers? CB: Right, exactly! RS: I mean, I'm so curious. And I'm curious how this experience is going to impact Harry with the boys. Will he be in the doghouse and not be going out? CB: And as you said before, he's been walking that line, and he always pushed back against the boys, it seemed -- there was that line in that same episode right before the party when he tells the boys, "That's my wife!' RS: Yeah. Right. CB: So I wonder if he'll assume that role more. RS: It would be interesting, but like you said too, Matthew Weiner is storied for taking us in direction that we haven't even thought about yet. CB: Yeah. Yeah. RS: That's what I'm so excited about. I mean, I see Matt socially sometimes, and I try to get it out of him and he responds, "I don't know. We'll have to see." [laughs] And it kills me, you know?

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