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Don returns from the restroom to learn from Miss Blankenship that a "Stephanie from California" called on the direct line, saying it was urgent. I'd imagine, then, that she must have asked for Don Draper, although I would have loved to hear Anna explain that one to her. Don says he'll make the call himself, but in his office, he looks at the now-framed picture of him and Anna (which I'm honestly surprised he has out in the open) and struggles a bit before placing the receiver back into the cradle. You probably don't need me to tell you that his next stop is his bar, which is good timing, given that Roger enters and tells him he's got bad news -- "the Brotherhood of Alcoholics Anonymous," that being Freddy and Cal Rutledge from Pond's, will be joining them, which means they'll have to drink before dinner if at all, "and then there's all the talk about drinking, where they start with the funny stories and they end up crying." Roger slugs a shot and requests a second before he complains that he waited fifteen months for the fight, and his mood doesn't improve any when Don tells him he should really beg off and work on Samsonite. Roger counters that that's not for two weeks, and he'll be in Florida then, which doesn't seem overly relevant but I suppose speaks to Roger's typical in-the-moment and selfish mentality. Don adds that he wouldn't be good company anyway, and Roger at least gets in a good one: "That's never bothered me before." Hee. In the end, though, he bows to Don's wordless stare, and once he's gone, Don sits and contemplates the message, which by the way lets us know that it's May 25th, in case you didn't follow the link above. Don stares into space...

...while later, in the break room, much the same is happening with the Creative team, although they're technically working, drinking beer instead of spirits, and Peggy is wearing a pink paper birthday crown on her head. Heh. Joey, eyes narrowed contemplatively, tells Danny, "I don't know what it is, but I look at the side of your neck and I wish I had one of those James Bond pens so I could jam a dart in it." HA! Thank you, Joey, for articulating something I've always felt but never quite put my finger on. Stan comes back with more beers, but Peggy's had enough and gathers up her materials, saying she'll see them the next day. The rest of them start to get up, but Joan knocks urgently on the window from her office and then enters, tartly saying she doesn't like looking out from her office onto a garbage dump. Joey replies that even though he's paid less, he's not a janitor, and the ensuing close-up of Joan suggests that he just made whatever her equivalent of Beatrix Kiddo's Death List Five in Kill Bill is. Oh, Joey, don't be so stupid! Leave Joan's wrath for people I hate! He even shrugs insouciantly before leaving, but Stan and Danny at least are smart/terrified enough to clear up their bottles, earning a sharp but sincere thank you from Joan. If this is how Joan feels about messes, I'm glad for her sake it's the last we see of her in this episode.

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