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In the restroom, Peggy, already dressed to leave, is freshening up next to Megan. After, in answer to Megan's question, Peggy tells her that Mark is taking her out for a romantic dinner at the Forum of the Twelve Caesars, Megan asks how old Peggy is, and Peggy tells her twenty-six. Megan smiles: "You're doing all right, aren't you?" Lest you're worried that Peggy will get to feel great about herself for more than two seconds, a very pregnant Trudy emerges from within just as Megan leaves and, apparently having overheard the last bit of their chat, compliments her on her birthday. Peggy asks how she's doing, and Trudy tells her most of her time is spent in bed or going to the bathroom, but having the baby kick her is still an incredible feeling. Peggy jokingly asks if that's any different from living with Pete, and Trudy smiles that she's witty. "I always assumed that, but it turns out it's true!" Heh. Peggy asks if she's going to watch the fight, and Trudy, hilariously putting her white gloves back on as she says this, tells Peggy that she is, and she's been watching boxing since she was a little girl. "My father loves blood sport." Too bad he wasn't at the SC July 4th celebration back in '63. Megan returns to tell Peggy that Don is looking for her, so she and Trudy head out, but not before Trudy, apparently having overheard the last bit of Peggy and Megan's chat, turns back to wish her a happy birthday and tell her that "twenty-six is still...very young." Oh, Trudy. I don't think she has a bitchy bone in her body, but still -- no one asked. Peggy, for her part, doesn't bother with any undignified response about how she has a boyfriend, which given imminent events is definitely just as well.

When the two of them emerge from the restroom, we see the boys are waiting for Trudy, and the camera of course has to give a close-up of Pete's "Oh, shit, what did they talk about?" reaction, like, after that spectacle at the end of "The Rejected" you can seriously give it a rest, show. Trudy tells the boys she wants a rare steak and to see "those two men pound each other," and after Ken explains that they haven't cast his wife yet...I mean, "Cynthia's at the restaurant," the Creative boys see Peggy heading for Don's office, and after Joey mutters "Don't go in there" like he's watching the doomed female protagonist of a slasher flick, the three of them hightail it out of there before they get roped into working late too. At Don's office, Peggy says she was just leaving, but after some Miss Blankenship Wacky Hijinx that are possibly getting just a little old but do include a discussion of the call to California, Don tells Peggy to get in there. Peggy asks why Don doesn't talk to Joan about getting rid of Miss Blankenship, but Don says no: "Joan knew exactly what I needed and made sure that I got it." Well, at least he's willingly accepting his punishment, I guess. He asks where they are on Samsonite, and though Peggy says they'll have something for him in the morning, he insists on a little preview, so she concedes that she can spare a minute. When she heads back to her office to get the sketches, she sees that the place is now a ghost town, and after she starts to take off her coat, she resolutely puts it back on, like, she is not staying for more than five minutes. She's just so cute sometimes. Given where they end up, I'm not going to bother telling you about Peggy's three ideas; suffice it to say that Don's comment on the first one includes the word "bullshit," and things go downhill from there. He tells her they're going to hammer it out right now, and when she can't suppress an "Uch" of disgust, he wonders if she was going to call him from some bar with an idea. "You think elves do this?" It'd be fun if they did. They'd have such cute little storyboards! Peggy seethes that he's just going to change whatever she comes up with anyway, and, ignoring Don's "EXCUSE me?" she stomps off...

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