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Float Like a Butterfly… call the restaurant and tell Mark she "got drawn into his web," but she assures him she won't be too long. Unfortunately, she's basing that on the now-erroneous notion that Don is going to watch the fight, and more unfortunately, unbeknownst to her, Mark has arranged a surprise dinner for her with her mother, sister Anita, sister's husband Gerry, and the heretofore-unseen roommate, who's like "Surprise, surprise" when Mark tells the table Peggy got held up. Hey, roomie, leave the bitching about Peggy to the pros. And I don't mean me -- I mean her mother. Speaking of her family, Peggy's mom and Gerry engage in some tiresome talk about the prices and who's going to pay, and while I think Mark's utterly wrong for Peggy I do feel a little bad for him, even though the social hell he's currently enduring is of his own making. But it's the least you can do for the girl who gave you her virginity, right?

Peggy is back in Don's office, and after he shoots down a couple more of her ideas, he asks her if she likes Ali, and she admits that he's very handsome. Don says he doesn't think so, and Peggy replies, "You're not supposed to. I remember my mother talking about Nat King Cole in a way that made my father throw out all his records." Kind of astute of her, but she did just turn twenty-six. Don says Ali's got a big mouth, and imitates him: "'I'm the greatest.' Not if you have to say it." Someone's forgotten the interview he gave to The Wall Street Journal. Don, by the way, is at least half in the bag here, not that that's a surprise, and he talks about Liston's workmanlike approach before suggesting a boxing-themed ad: "Three classes of suitcase; featherweight, middleweight, heavyweight. For whatever class you're in." Peggy, showing she still has some hardening to do, doesn't use the word "bullshit" in response, but does wonder how the concept would translate to TV. "What's the story?" Don asks if she doesn't like it, but Peggy, belatedly seeing her opportunity, fakely says she loves it. "That's what we should do." Heh. Don's direct line then rings, and Peggy goes to get it even though Don, thinking it's California again, tells her to let it ring, but it's only Roger, who tells her to put Don on. She tries to claim he's not there, getting this response: "I'm gonna count to three, and then I'm gonna start saying a lot of words you don't like, sweetheart." I'll suggest "No ring on that finger?" as a good place to start. Don picks up, and Roger begs him to come save him; he's been sneaking off to a nearby bar because Freddy and Cal are "self so righteous" (heh), but Don is unmoved, and hangs up with a "Goodnight, sweetheart." Given what we hear on Roger's tapes later, I wonder if there's something about he and Don once having a drunken swordfight. Peggy then goes to get her own phone, and it's Mark, who bites out that it's been almost an hour, and when Peggy can't commit to leaving, he's forced to tell her he's got her whole family there, "and the only way you can make it worse is by not coming at all." Hee. The poor fetus doesn't have much in common with the Bay Ridge crowd. Chastened, Peggy says she'll be there right away...

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