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Peggy and Don have retired to a bar, and as they hear the fight on the radio, Peggy tells Don she hates dating. "I'm terrible at it." Oh good, there's that commonality with Peggy I was looking for. Don tells her she's cute as hell, which opens the door for her to let him know that "everybody" thinks Peggy slept with Don to get her copywriter job, and I have to disagree -- I think "everybody" thinks they were doing it well before that was even on the table. Peggy's real issue, though, is that people joke about it like it's such a comical mismatch, and I think she's giving too much weight to Stan's comments, but given that I think "any" is too much maybe I'm the wrong person to weigh in here. Don says it isn't because she's not attractive, just that he has to keep rules about work, and it's nice that he doesn't even try to claim it was because he was married, although given some of the things he's done that Peggy's been witness to, it would have been so disingenuous as to be hilarious. Peggy points out his recent transgression in that department by bringing up Allison, although she does it in an amusingly oblique way, and Don elects neither to discuss how that was just one necessary step in his Season Four descent nor to point out that what happened with Allison is the best possible illustration of why he should never violate that rule, instead saying that he's sure Peggy doesn't want to start giving him morality lessons, which seems like a fairly cheap comeback given that he doesn't know the first thing about the circumstances by which she became pregnant. She's not offended, though, instead taking the opportunity to confess that her mother thinks Don fathered her child, as he was the only person to come visit her in the hospital, and she hates him. Don, after momentarily reflecting on how good deeds never go unpunished, asks if Peggy knows who the father is, and Peggy tells him of course, but declines to enlighten him, and instead of asking who it is, he goes to the place of common ground in terms of the fact that they both have terrible secrets by inquiring if she ever thinks about it. She tells him she tries not to, but sometimes it comes up out of nowhere, and singles out playgrounds as a particularly strong trigger. At this point, the volume escalates on the radio because the infamous phantom punch has just taken place, and the bar patrons drunkenly shout for Liston to get up, of course to no avail, and after the fight is officially called, some guy next to Don starts complaining about the fix already, which just goes to show that you didn't need the internet to spread conspiracy theories. It does make it easier, though. In disgust over the hundred bucks he just lost in the space of two minutes, Don gets up, saying they'll just pack up at the office and then go home...

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