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Parting Really, Really Is Sweet Sorrow...
learasil copy. What a pissypantsed little baby. Peggy seems unfazed by Pete's attitude, thankfully. Although given imminent events, if that outlook changes you'll hardly be able to blame her.

Joan is walking Peggy to her new station; she reiterates her sincere congratulations but warns that sometimes when people get what they want, "they realize how limited their goals were." Heh. She muses that she'll put Peggy in with some guy named "Victor," as his office mate got fired. Peggy asks if she'll get business cards, and Joan smiles. "Please make all your requests through Bridget." I'm starting to wonder if Joan has minced a word in her entire life. No wonder I love her. She cautions Peggy not to forget where she came from in the company. "Think of the other girls, or they won't think of you." They reach the office, and when Joan introduces Peggy to Victor, Peggy immediately says she feels sick. Peggy, the guy is clearly a goober, but there's no need for quite that strong a reaction. Joan makes a joke at Victor's expense and then bids them a Happy Thanksgiving and withdraws, leaving Victor to inform Peggy that he and his former office mate had a deal as far as their shared space was concerned -- no meetings and no music. Peggy still looks indisposed...

...and then she's in the hospital, telling a doctor that her stomach hurts terribly. He prods her, and when she doubles over in pain, he chides her for not mentioning she's pregnant. Peggy: "That's impossible." I see she posts on the boards. No, the show did a good job with the is-she-or-isn't-she question, and while I'm not sure I'm a big fan of this development plot-wise, I certainly am aware that this sort of thing happens all the time even these days, so I'm not going to make a big deal strictly over believability here. I do wonder how the birth control got botched, but on the other hand, you'll forgive me if I don't actually want to hear the details. The doctor tells Peggy it's time to get her up to Maternity, and when she continues to protest that she can't be pregnant, he gets a resigned look on his face, takes her hand, and presses it to her abdomen. Elisabeth Moss does some great work here as the denial horribly fades away, and she tries to get up and flee the scene but keels over in excruciating pain.

And the indirect cause of said pain is just now arriving home and unexpectedly finding his in-laws there. Trudy comes over and gives him a kiss, and then stiffens and asks in an artificial voice, "Oh, were they having a party at the office?" Translation: Stay away from open flames for a while, Jim Beam. But really, Pete is so discomfited by the prospect of working with Peggy that he went on a noticeably big bender? What a wuss. It seems pretty clear that the gathering was meant to celebrate Trudy's newly-pregnant status (although they never mention it explicitly), but while Pete is aware enough to go along with the "party at the office" story, him staggering to the bedroom like a Bowery denizen still seems to put a damper on the whole thing. Well, this is bound to be followed by an uplifting scene, right?

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