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Parting Really, Really Is Sweet Sorrow...

Sorry, I forgot you've seen this show before. A nurse comes into the maternity ward with Peggy's son and a bottle in her arms and asks if Peggy would like to try to feed him. Peggy just stares at her, so she asks if she doesn't want to hold him. Peggy just looks away despairingly, and the nurse resignedly leaves. Oh, man. At least one of Dick Whitman's parents was willing to take him.

Don's on the train home, and people are in a festive mood, but he just looks pensive...

...and when he opens the door, he calls out, and Betty answers from the kitchen. He goes to her and tells her he's coming with them, and says he'll pack the car and they'll get there before midnight. They kiss, and then he announces the good news to the kids, who jump excitedly into his arms. Aw! The other storylines may have ended bleakly, but at least the presentation stirred something in Don, and after a season of trying to escape any sense of obligation or even of identity, he's going to end the season with his family.

I'm sorry, what did you say?

Sigh. The above bit was a dream sequence -- when Don arrives home, the house is empty, and he sits on the stairs forlornly. Look, I'm not saying I didn't love this across-the-board down ending -- Babel is one of my favorite movies of the last few years -- but I'm looking forward to a nice break here in which I don't necessarily have to contemplate the futility of human existence week in and week out. Maybe I just need someone to tell me I'm okay. Anyway, Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" anachronistically plays as we pull away from Don. Will he get in the car and follow his family? Maybe we'll find out in summer 2008.

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