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It's the big day, and everyone's in the conference room nervously awaiting the AA execs' arrival. However, Duck comes in with terrible news -- their contact at AA just got fired that morning, so while the rest of them are still coming in for appearances' sake, as Don puts it, "We have to deliver a stillborn baby." "Hate" to say I told you so.

Anita enters a confessional to talk to Father Gill. She confesses some petty sins, but then gets to the part where she's "so angry" at Peggy for causing their mother so much pain. She goes on that Peggy seduced a married man and had a child out of wedlock, and even though it's a terrible sin, she acts like it didn't even happen. Looks like Anita gave up minding her own business for Lent. She goes on that she hates Peggy for it, and says that she's the one that tries to be good. She gets overcome, so Father Gill offers that he understands, but it's not her place to judge, and besides, God can see her goodness and loves her, and He knows that she loves her sister. Anita says that's true, so Father Gill gives her penance and asks her to forgive her sister. They recite an act of contrition together...

...and then we're back at SC, where people file out of the meeting until it's just Don, Duck, and Roger. Don sardonically slides a copy of the presentation over to Duck, which bears the American logo and the name of the axed contact. Duck and Don look long and hard at each other, but Roger breaks up the silent argument by saying that they should have no regrets, as they were in the hunt, and that's what matters. Duck takes this as his cue to withdraw, and then Don points out that they hired Duck to bring in new clients, not to lose existing business. Roger, however, thinks it's all about the thrill of the chase, and waxes poetic at length in aid of that sentiment, but coming from a man who just paid more for a kiss than most people would for a vacation, it's not especially convincing, and Don's face agrees with me.

Don arrives home, and Betty brightly notes he's early, and asks how it went. He replies that it didn't, so without any further inquiry, she slides her glass of wine over to him. She probably would have done the same had it been good news, but it's a nice sentiment nonetheless. Betty tells Bobby to stop playing with the toy robot in his hand, but after she and Don exchange a little small talk, Bobby knocks over Sally's drink. Betty gets annoyed and tells Don to do something, so Don picks up the robot and throws it into the wall, smashing it to bits. He stomps out, on the way asking Betty, "Is that what you wanted?" Well, she wouldn't admit it, but seeing that damn toy get pulverized probably did give her the teensiest bit of satisfaction. She follows Don out...

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