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...and up the stairs, telling Don he takes no responsibility for what happens in the house. Don asks about Carla, but Betty yells that it's not Carla's job to raise their children, and she's there all day until Don comes home and gets to be the hero. Betty may not be all that likable, but January Jones is kicking the shit out of this season, I tell you what. Heartbreakingly, the kids are at the bottom of the stairs listening to all this, as Don seethes that if he brought his experiences at the office home with him, he'd put Betty through a window. Betty shoves Don and gets shoved back twice as hard in response, and fixes him with a look that's anything but surprised before she goes and tells the kids to brush their teeth and go to bed. Don closes his eyes in dismay and sits down on the bed to contemplate his loss of control, but surprisingly, we don't leave the scene here, as Bobby enters and tells Don he's sorry. Don, disarmed, says it's okay, and that dads get mad sometimes. Bobby: "Did your daddy get mad?" Oh, boy. Don says he did, and when Bobby asks what he looked like, Don answers, "Like me, but bigger." Bobby asks what he liked to eat, and Don recalls, "Ham. And this candy, that tasted like violets, in a beautiful purple-and-silver package." The scene goes on like this for a bit more, and then Bobby offers, "We have to get you a new daddy." Don has Bobby come to him and give him a big hug, as if they weren't already KILLING ME HERE.

Later, Betty joins Don in bed. He's turned away from her, but she won't let him off that easy, asking if he has anything to say. He asks what she wants to hear, and she answers something, anything. "How about you're going to help raise these children, not be one?" Interesting full circle here -- last year it was Don complaining to Dr. Wayne that Betty was like a child. Don eventually tells Betty that his dad beat the hell out of him. "All it did was make me fantasize about the day I could murder him." Betty, giving this admission the respect it deserves, says she didn't know that, and Don adds that he wasn't half as good a kid as Bobby. Betty digests all this, and then puts her arm around him and lies there...

...and then it's Sunday at church, and outside, amid a sea of bonnets and flowers, Father Gill wishes Peggy a happy Easter. She compliments him on the colloquialism of his sermon, and he responds by giving her an Easter egg, "for the little one." She looks somewhat blank for a moment, no doubt unsure how he could possibly know, but once he's walked away, she looks after him with such despair and heartbreak that I almost flinched. Hey, it's not like Peggy normally wears her heart on her sleeve. I hope this development is positive, that it finally gives her the opportunity to unburden herself -- even that they're coming together is an example of God's work, as Father Gill might opine. But then I'm forced to ask myself if I've watched this show before.

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