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Father Gill's car pulls up to the station, and Peggy thanks him for the ride, but he asks her to stay a moment on a personal matter -- he has "the honor" of delivering the Palm Sunday sermon, and he'd like to run a few ideas past her. Peggy tries to opt out, tactfully saying that she doesn't know that she's his audience, but Father Gill thinks that the coincidences of her running into him as she was trying to leave, them attending the same dinner, and her experience with public speaking are God's work in getting them together. Peggy can't, or at least won't, argue with that, so she tells Father Gill that if she's prepared and confident in what she's selling, that allays her nervousness, as does picking one person on whom to focus. Also, she tells him that the sermon is the only part of Mass that's in English, "and it's very hard to tell sometimes," so she counsels him to keep it simple. Considering Peggy probably actually understands the Latin parts of Mass, you might want to listen her, padre.

Don and Betty flop down on their bed and are joined by the kids. It's a fun little family time until Bobby jumps up and down too hard and the thing breaks. At least Sally didn't do it -- the girl's going to have enough image problems in this era as it is. Betty scolds him for being "wild in the house," and sends the kids off to bed, but they protest that they haven't had dinner, as it's only seven-thirty, so Betty takes them downstairs for some grilled cheese, leaving Don to flop back down exhaustedly. Hey, that's the dark side of going so light on the cranberry juice.

After an establishing shot of a blackboard with the lunch specials for Monday written on it, at a table in the restaurant, some older bald guy is telling a joke, and Pete and Ken make a big show of trying to out-chortle the other at the punchline. A woman then joins them who's probably a few years older than Ken and Pete but decidedly much younger than Baldy, and Ken takes the opportunity to introduce "Vicky" (Marguerite Moreau, in point of fact, who was awesome in Wet Hot American Summer) to "Marty." She wastes no time in flirting with him, but is interrupted when Roger walks up. The boys introduce Marty, who works for Gorton's, to Roger, with Marty mentioning that he was scheduled to meet Roger the next day anyway, and then Vicky pipes up that she's Marty's wife. Ken and Pete exchange awesome side-eyes at the ease at which Vicky plays this part, although it's not clear if Roger's fooled. He soon excuses himself with the hope that he'll see both of them the next day. Marty looks confused, given that Vicky's services are going to be on SC's dime, but forgets all about that once Vicky gives him a seductive look. I hope Pete and Ken brought rain slickers -- it would have been both client-appropriate and prudent!

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