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Anyway! Ken and Pete are discussing an account when Roger enters and asks if Marty is bringing "the missus" to their three o'clock. Pete sends the female secretary and her delicate ears out of the room, and then tells Roger that there is a Mrs. Hasselback, but Vicky isn't she. As if the implication isn't clear enough, Ken pipes up that he has her number if Roger wants it. "I've got lots of numbers." Just looking at you, Ken, I wouldn't think you'd have to pay for it. But I have heard you open your mouth. Anyway, Roger declines and exits.

Don gets home, and Sally jumps into his arms, but that's all the fun we're going to have, as Betty enters and tells Don that Bobby broke the record player, and when she asked him about it, he lied and said he didn't do it. Don goes upstairs to talk to him...

...and when he opens the door, Bobby's sitting on his bed expectantly. Don says that he believes Betty's assertion that Bobby broke the hi-fi, and tells him not to do it again. Bobby softly says he won't, and Don closes the door. Hey, what more could Betty want, right?

Well, apparently a lot more, as she tells Don that just putting him to bed isn't enough -- he needs a spanking, otherwise he won't learn the difference between right and wrong. "You think you'd be the man you are today if your father didn't hit you?" Probably not, considering he'd likely still be going by "Dick Whitman" in that case.

It's now Palm Sunday at the Church of the Holy Innocents. Meanwhile, Don is just starting to make pancakes, with Bobby watching intently, when Betty enters, carrying what I believe is the case containing the broken hi-fi, and pointedly says Don left it by the bed. Don, looking a little harried, says he'll take care of it, but Betty heads out, presumably to put it in the car. The phone then rings, and Don answers to find it's Duck. Don's none too thrilled to hear his voice, but Duck tells him that he heard from his contact at American that they scheduled a bunch of pitches for the upcoming week, so Duck moved their own pitch up to Good Friday. I don't know how you feel about it, but as a not-particularly-religious-or-superstitious person, I'd still be awfully hesitant to tempt fate in such a brazen manner. I mean, if God does exist, it's not a stretch to think he's going to be in a pretty bad mood. Duck goes on that most of the team is there, and the rest are on their way. At that moment, Bobby touches the grill and howls in pain, the only bright side to which is that it gives Don an excuse to hang up on Duck unceremoniously. By the way, I did basically the exact same thing when I was a kid. We had electric burners on the stove, and I just thought when they turned red, they were so pretty I just had to touch one! Kids are dumb. Anyway, Betty rushes back in and snipes at Don for not keeping an eye on Bobby in the short time she was gone, and then declares that Bobby needs to go to the emergency room. When Don tells her that he has to go in to work, she instructs him to take Sally with her, as Bobby will be all she can handle, and she's not about to impose on Francine on Palm Sunday. As Betty takes Bobby by the shoulders and marches him out, he whines that he wants to go with Don, and then Sally claps her hands in glee. Heh.

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