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At Anita's house, Katherine is doing some last-minute straightening up around her son-in-law, who's of course asleep on the couch. We see that some neighbors are sitting at the table expectantly, so we can infer that the rock star of the Holy Innocents is once again invited to dinner. And on cue, the doorbell rings, and Anita rushes to get it. Father Gill enters, but immediately tells Anita and Katherine he can't stay, as a parishioner has taken a turn for the worse, the implication being that he'll be needed to give her Last Rites. He then asks about Peggy, and when Katherine tells him she's ill (Peggy, you LIAR!), he produces a piece of paper and asks Anita to give it to Peggy, saying it's a copy of his sermon, with which Peggy helped him quite a bit. Katherine compliments the speech: "I felt like I was the only one you were talking to!" Heh. Anita, however, looks like she's having a proto-"Marcia, Marcia, MARCIA!" moment, especially when Katherine opines, once he's gone, that it's so nice that Father Gill is taking an interest in Peggy. He'll be taking more of an interest once Anita the Bitter Blabbermouth is done with him.

At SC, Don gives Joan his daughter with this admonition: "Keep her away from the paper cutter." Yeah, one child per day in the emergency room is plenty. Joan regards Sally warily, who gives her a great big unironic grin in return. Heh.

In the conference room, Duck is giving everyone marching orders. I should note that most everyone in the office today is in varying degrees of casual clothes, which is fun, but positively hilarious is Pete's outfit of a tennis sweater and John McEnroe-in-the-seventies short shorts. Duck interrupts Pete to ask Harry rudely why he's in the meeting, and Harry uncertainly tells him he's Head of the Television Department. Harry, I'd check your next paycheck to make sure that extra twenty-five bucks a week got processed.

Duck goes back to talking without another word to Harry, in case we didn't already think he's a douche, and we see that Harry's smoking again these days. Nothing like a cigarette to calm yourself when your wife's pregnant. Duck finishes up by coming to Don, saying he'd love a preview of what he's going to present, but Don brusquely says he's not ready to offer one yet. Everyone hilariously swivels their heads back to Duck like they're at a tennis match, so maybe Pete's attire was more appropriate than he realizes. Duck suggests that they show American something from all three of the campaign approaches they have, to eliminate all possible objections. "Something for everybody." He goes on that this doesn't have to be the final pitch -- it just has to win the execs over. This is about all Don's willing to hear, so he calls the creative team into his office. Well, this probably won't be the most fun of meetings, but at least it got Peggy out of church.

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