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Joan's typing away when Sally tells her she has "big ones." Hard to argue, given that a huge corner of my screen is being rendered purple by Joan's bosom at the moment. Sally goes on that her mom also has big ones, and she's going to have them too when she grows up. I'm beginning to really like her. Most kids aren't nearly so good for comic relief. Sally watches her dad lead his underlings into his office...

...and then Don is telling them that even if they're merely selling a point of view, they have to commit to one thing. "I don't like wiggle room. I like to see us blowing up bridges behind us." Given the recent tragedy, I hope that's not one of the campaign concepts. After some discussion of the artwork and ideas they have so far, it's clear Don's not satisfied, and he dismisses the team with this: "You got a lot of bricks, but I don't know what the building looks like." They all file out, Sal looking his usual combination of frustrated and slightly offended. Honey, you have got to start having sex with people to whom you're actually attracted.

Roger's in a hotel room, and he opens the door to find... Vicky. He invites her in, and when she's seated, he, with perhaps just a tinge of nervousness, tells her, "I hate to sound remedial, but I haven't done this since I was in the Navy." Vicky tells him that while the "menu" is the same, the prices may have changed since his day, and he agrees, noting that her invoice came across his desk. I'd like to see how the Accounting Department classified her services. He tries to kiss her, but she reiterates that the menu hasn't changed, so I suppose that's not on it. Roger, however, offers an exorbitant sum to get everything he wants, so the making out commences. He warns her that he's not in great health, but she replies, "Don't believe what they say. No one dies doing this." Well, I suppose she should know, but wouldn't you think there's something on a good hooker's menu that could kill a man with heart problems? I should note, though, that unlike with Don earlier, Roger's motivations are clear here. We already knew from earlier in the season that he's been missing Joan, and on top of that, his daughter's engagement is making him feel old, so he's likely doing this as a way of reclaiming his feelings of virility. Throwing all that money around probably helps in that endeavor as well.

In Paul's office, Sally picks up a picture of Sheila and asks if she's Paul's maid. Paul sets Sally straight, so Sally asks, "Do you lay on top of her?" Heh, nice callback to the scene earlier when Sally walked in to find Don on top of Betty. Paul, however, does not know that there's a method to Sally's curiosity, so he tells her Don will be angry with him if he doesn't do his work. Given what we've seen of Don with his Creative staff, he'll probably be angry anyway, but I understand Paul's need to get out of the conversation.

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