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There's a buffet meal set up in the main area, so everyone's taking a break and eating. Well, not the secretaries, who apparently have to wait until everyone else has stuffed their faces. A couple of them cast nasty looks Peggy's way, not that she notices. Also among the haves is of course Bertram, who looks like he just came from hanging out with Sam Snead. He then flips out, as he somehow got some gum stuck to his argyle sock, and then, noticing a secretary "chewing [her] cud," yells at her for treating the office "like a subway platform," and cans her. He hobbles away on a wave of crotchetiness, and once he's gone, Duck thanks the girl for getting Bertram out of the office for the day. He gives her a napkin for the gum and adds, "He won't remember firing you." I love Bertram, but Duck's probably right. Don then comes out of his office and, without fanfare, announces that American Airlines isn't about the past any more than America is. "Ask not about Cuba, ask not about the bomb -- we're going to the moon." Sal doesn't completely get Don's angle, so Don finishes with this: "Let's pretend we know what 1963 looks like." Here's a tip: You don't. When Don leaves, Pete complains that if they can't mention the crash, there's no preamble to their presentation at all. It's Duck, surprisingly, that sort of comes to Don's defense: "Our job is to bend down the branch. Let him pick the fruit." When the boys disappear, a nearby Sally picks up a highball with some booze still in it. Not too late for an emergency-room sweep!

Roger has survived, and he and Vicky are getting dressed. He asks her to have dinner with him, and after a brief negotiation, she agrees to accompany him to Lutece, and leaves on his arm, apparently not without some genuine affection. Or maybe he threw in an extra twenty that we didn't see.

Sally's passed out on the couch, and Don picks her up and carries her out of the office. As he does, the now-empty glass falls to the floor, and either he doesn't realize exactly what that means or he's had far too long a day to worry about it now. If it's the latter, it's not like I blame him, but Don, don't be surprised if she ruins your back-seat upholstery.

Katherine is on the phone at Anita's place, and then hands the receiver to Anita, saying her sister wants to talk. Anita looks ill at the prospect, but manages to be civil to Peggy for their brief chat. However, once she's done, she tells Katherine that Peggy does just as she pleases with no regard for anyone else, and that Katherine is too easy on her. Katherine decides that refusing to acknowledge this assertion is the way to go. What could go wrong with that plan?

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