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The Grass Is Always Greener

Megan then remarks to Mel that he doesn't have to worry about censorship because the show is so tame, and it's a tenuous enough conversational bridge without her almost literally exchanging wink-winks with Arlene, so I'm kind of amused when Mel blows up her spot by saying it actually does have to be "a little titillating" and that they have their own standards. Megan's like, but things are TASTEFUL on the show, right, and if she's not actually kicking him under the table, I'm missing a bet. In fact, if he misinterpreted the gesture, it would explain where the scene ends up going.

Speaking of which, Mel offers to get the check so they can all go back to his and Arlene's "pad" and smoke some "grass" and "see what happens." Megan naively agrees, but Don's subliminal detectors are on high as he tells Megan it's late while fixing her with a look that's trying to convey a visceral need to escape before it's too late. Arlene, her smile growing more lascivious by the moment, tells them that if they don't smoke "grass," (of all antiquated words of this era, that one just feels the most dated to me) it's cool, as it's not all they had in mind. Don tells her he's not sure he understands, and I think at this point he just wants them to say it so he won't have to explain it to Megan later, so Arlene puts her hand on Megan's and tells Don they like Megan, and they like him. "And we'd like to be friends." Mel tells them that this could be a "chemistry experiment," and just to be clear, I think they're talking full-on four-way rather than mere spouse-swapping, or at least a girl-girl show while the dudes watch. I believe in accurate reporting, even though with Don involved there's a better chance of ball-less octogenarian Bertram enlisting in the Army than this little love square coming to pass. Arlene and Mel push the idea for a bit, which I guess you have to if you want any takers, but Megan and Don hold fast to their frozen smiles and claims of having to get up really early, so Mel smiles to Arlene that they've heard "no" before, adding that there's no reason to skip dessert. I'm guessing Don and Megan will eat it faster than anything in their lives if the shock wears off enough to allow them to order.

Joan, Leo and Kate pile into a cab, and after Leo directs the driver to St. Mark's between 2nd and 3rd, he hands a bottle of liquor to Kate and asks if they've been to the Electric Circus. Kate's like sure, all the time, but Joan cuts in: "We're from out of town." Hee. Leo then suggests they see who kisses better, but although Joan humors him for Kate's sake, she clearly gives it about fifteen percent, so it's no surprise that Leo ends up making out with Kate in earnest. And while that might seem a bit awkward...

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