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The Grass Is Always Greener

Bertram and Roger, in the former's office (another benefit of the expansion) chat a bit about the upcoming election when Harry enters. He's a little wary about how they may see him after the previous day's outburst, but they're all sunny smiles, asking after the wife and kids (he apparently now has twin boys, "Nathan" and "Steven," to join his daughter Bea). Understandably enough, he's wary of their friendly attitudes, but sits down regardless and tells them the kids are well. Roger then gets into it, telling Harry that his display of "initiative" really caught their attention, so they'd like to pay him a full commission on Broadway Joe, which runs to the tune of $23,500. Harry thanks them, but then is like, sooooo, anything else? Bertram turns a bit frosty as he asks what Harry makes in a year, and it's a bit less than the value of the check, but he doesn't flinch as he asks again about the partnership. Roger, at least aiming for a conciliatory tack, tells Harry they have to expand before they can offer anyone else ownership, but Harry's unimpressed, and tells Bertram that he should know how important he is because Bertram was him. Bertram, sardonically: "I was different from you, Mr. Crane, in every single way." Staring with having three fewer kids, am I right? Harry tells them that he's earned the money, "but I've also earned a partnership. I really hope some other firm doesn't figure that out first." He leaves, whereupon Bertram sighs, "That was the most impressive thing he's done," and Roger wonders if they should fire him before he cashes the check. If that's your plan, you'd better hurry because if I were Harry I'd already be in the elevator on my way to the bank.

Don's in his pajamas, sitting up in bed and watching TV, when Megan enters and wonders if he's going to be late. They end up kissing, and he wishes her luck. I'd comment on the fact that he didn't say, "Break a leg," when he's done so in the past, but the previouslies did it for me.

With Kevin in her arms, Gail enters Joan's room and tells Joan she's really waking her this time. Awesomely, Kate crashed in Joan's bed with her, both of them still in their clothes from the night before, and I wonder how drunk she must have been that Kate decided this was a better idea than going back to her room at the Waldorf. Gail tells Joan she's got an appointment, so Joan will have to bathe Kevin, but Joan groggily tells her she's still going to work. Gail: "Do you need to throw up?" It's kind of awesome that she and Joan have gotten to the point where she can ask that without judgment. Then again, it is the sixties. Joan asks Gail to give her and Kate a minute, so Gail withdraws, whereupon Kate remorsefully asks why she did what she did. Joan breezily replies that she had some fun, and now she can go home and be happy, but Kate somewhat bleakly says that she's really not Joan. Joan wryly asks why she'd want to be, but Kate is like, you came "out here" and you made everything happen, and then adds that she always had a husband to fall back on, while Joan didn't. Joan: "And I never will. How'd that happen?" Kate confesses that she only even talked to Avon because she wanted what Joan has, and this is as convenient a place as any to point out that this is illustrative of what I think is the episode's general theme -- wishing you were in someone else's shoes, that you had what someone else possesses. Joan tries to tell Kate that she's been working for these people for fifteen years and they still treat her like a secretary, but Kate sets her straight: "What's it have to do with them? You're there, Joan. And from where I'm sitting, it's damn impressive. I don't care how they make you feel; it's right there in front of you for the taking." I hope Joan comes to the conclusion that just because she doesn't like what she had to do to become a partner doesn't mean she doesn't deserve the reward, but any such thoughts will have to wait, as Gail, now dressed to go out, reenters and hands Kevin to Joan, saying she'll be back in an hour. She doesn't say so, but I wonder if Kate's makeover inspired her to make an appointment at the salon.

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