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Once they're alone, Megan goes on the offensive by asking what he's doing there. When he wonders if she's asking because she didn't want him to see the scene, she agrees that she doesn't know why he'd do that to himself, but the real issue is that he chose this day to visit the set for the first time when she's been working there for months. Yup, that's pretty bad. He asks if she was at least going to brush her teeth before he came home, and the fact that I think this might be the most hypocritical thing he's ever said is hard even for me to believe. She fires back that she's sick of tiptoeing around him every time something good happens to her, to which he replies by calling her a whore, and while he doesn't actually say the word, I'm still not even joking. She tells him that he couldn't stop what she was doing, so he settled for ruining it, and Don tells her to have dinner with Arlene and Mel instead of him. "They're much more open-minded." That's right, Megan -- when Don cheats on you, he does it one person at a time. He leaves, and Megan breaks down...

...and we cut to Don finding the penny waiting for him under the mat, and it's hard as such not to recall the time Madchen Amick referred to him as her "bad penny." He does always come back to being a dick. Sylvia opens up, and after some preliminaries that aren't worth discussing, they're settling onto the poor maid's bed in much the same way Megan and Rod did. Don pauses, though, to tell Sylvia to take the cross around her neck off, like that's a reasonable request, although it is an instance of a joke I made about Don being more influential than God coming disturbingly close to the truth. She doesn't comply, so he asks what she does when he leaves -- get on her knees and pray for absolution? Sylvia's unfazed: "I pray for you. For you to find peace." She holds her hand to his face, and he shuts his eyes for a moment, but then turns her cross so it hangs down Sylvia's back, out of sight. They then proceed to get on with it, and while Sylvia's praying, she might throw in a request for me to care about this plotline. See you next time.

John Ramos is a writer and film producer living in Los Angeles. His new film, a documentary on online privacy and the sale of personal data called Terms And Conditions May Apply, recently premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival in January. You can get news on it from the film's Twitter account. Also, you can email John at, follow him on Twitter at, or check out his blog, "Pull Up A Chair," which he'd just love for you to stop by.

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