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The Grass Is Always Greener

He leaves, and Pete and Don hilariously stay silent until the ring of the elevator lets them know Timmy is safely out of earshot. Peggy, you may have learned a lot from Don, but this is a trick you'd do well to adopt. Don, putting his coat on, tells Pete that the "small team" they discussed will have exactly one other person on it -- Stan -- and Pete agrees, adding that they'll bill the account under the utilitarian yet mysterious name "Project K." Don then kind of looks around the room for the first time and compliments Pete on the place, whereupon Pete offers that it's available to Don should he need to spend the night in the city. Don: "I live here, Pete." It's the middle of Season Six, and Pete's interactions with Don often still feel like they're from Episode One.

Dawn enters a little diner up near where she lives (presumably, from the clientele) and joins a young woman at the counter, who mildly notes she's twenty minutes late. Dawn apologizes, somewhat tartly reminding her friend (I assume; they don't seem like sisters) she has a job, but the friend informs her that that's not her only occupation -- she's also the friend's maid of honor. (It won't be mentioned, but I'll tell you for brevity's sake that the friend's name is "Nikki.") Dawn replies that she can't really lose that job, can she? Were this the present day, we could refer her to any number of reality shows, but it's a pretty good line, so let's give it to her. Nikki then breaks the news that the date her fiancé was trying to arrange for Dawn for the wedding fell through, so Dawn sighs and asks her to tell him to keep looking because she's never going to find anyone at the office, and church is impossible too. "You can't stand out in that crowd of harlots." Dawn, I know you're working a lot, but when you have a free moment I would like the long version of your church gossip. Nikki asks if there's really no one she runs into downtown, but Dawn replies that she gets on the train and the black population thins out every stop, until by 72nd Street, it's just her and this old shoeshine guy. "And he won't even look at me." Heh. Nikki says she heard about a friend's son running into Dawn, but Dawn tells her they merely acknowledged each other with a nod, the implication being that it wasn't a comfortable environment for them to do any more than that. Damn. I was hoping for more Dawn, but does her life have to be as much of a buzzkill as everyone else's?

A pretty blonde (played by Marley Shelton of Pleasantville notoriety) is putting the finishing touches on Gail's makeup as she apologizes for going heavy on the blush, adding that she's out of practice. I'm out of practice in dealing with how much I love Gail, but that's like riding a bicycle. Gail tells "Kate" she needs all the help she can get, but Kate replies that the Mary Kay philosophy is to make yourself feel better by "doing something for you." Gail dryly replies that that will be a first, and that's fair enough from someone who's been the nanny for the past year or so, but I'm sad to hear that it sounds like her supply of male company seems to have dried up.

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