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The Grass Is Always Greener

Megan, in a maid's uniform and bangs-sporting wig, is reading on the little couch in her dressing room when a good-looking young man enters and excitedly wonders if she got the pages. Megan tells him no, and then a woman who's more Don's generation pokes her head in and asks if they're rehearsing already. A quick bit of talk reveals that "Arlene" here is married to a "Mel," who is in a position of authority on the show, and a somewhat slower bit of kissing reveals that this "Rod" here isn't intimidated by her marital status. In both their defense, he's kind of almost impossibly hot.

When he's gone, Megan asks what's going on, and I don't know if she's including the little tongue-wrestle she just witnessed in her question, but Arlene keeps it professional, smilingly informing Megan that she's going to have a love scene with Rod, "and between you, me, and a national audience, it's more of a love affair." Megan is delighted, and Arlene takes some credit for swaying her husband (either the lead writer, producer or both, apparently) to give Megan that plotline. Arlene asks if she's done this kind of thing before, and Megan's like, sure, totally. "Does a high school play count?" Arlene: "No." Hee. Arlene gives her the pro tips, which are that it'll be exciting at first, but then just part of the job. Referring to a photo of Don on the wall, she goes on that "the hard part is how James Garner will deal with it," and while the prevailing wisdom may to be present it after the fact if at all, Arlene thinks it's best to be upfront. It sounds good, but as we'll learn, Arlene's views of marital relations are a little off the beaten path. Megan, with some trepidation, agrees that Don is not going to like it, so Arlene offers for Mel and her to take Don and Megan out to dinner to make him comfortable, and anyone who catalogues this show's most hilarious lines might want to revisit this one later. Just then, the pages arrive, so Arlene hands them to Megan and smiles that she'll leave her alone to read them, and Megan happily sits down to do so, all thoughts of jealous husbands forgotten for the moment.

Meredith, that dippy receptionist who somehow has hung onto her job, enters Joan's office and asks if she sent Scarlett somewhere, and the tone of Joan's response of "No, Meredith" would be insulting to anyone smarter, so I guess this is all happening as it should. Meredith explains that she can't find Scarlett or Harry, and there's a man waiting to see the latter -- at which point Harry and the guy walk by the office. Hee. The unamused look on Joan's face is a testament to Christina Hendricks' power not to break, as is her response of "Busy" when Meredith tries to change the subject by asking how she is. Meredith finally takes the hint and exits, but Joan calls to her to have Scarlett see her if she discovers her. Uh oh, Dawn. I hope your expanded storyline doesn't result in you getting canned.

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