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The Grass Is Always Greener

Returning to the office, Ken tells Harry that he's now on Ed's radar, whatever that may mean, and then they run into the teary and box-carrying Scarlett...

...and then Harry's storming into Joan's office with Scarlett in tow, and of course, Scarlett looks dreadfully uncomfortable as Harry demands that Joan apologize. Joan, evenly enough given the circumstances, asks him please not to involve himself, but Harry, perhaps emboldened by his triumphant afternoon, goes on that he's tired of Joan's "petty dictatorships" and that Scarlett is in his department. Joan, probably realizing that he has a point, goes for the meanest and most hilarious option when she snits that she didn't realize Harry was that attached to Scarlett, and Scarlett, trying to defend Harry's honor against her insinuation, tells her they're not, but Harry demurs: "We are attached!" Joan, back to her measured voice, says that she's got something more important to do -- "I would hope you do too" -- before telling Scarlett to do what she thinks is best. Harry, however, isn't going to back down now that he's come this far, so he snaps that Scarlett is to do whatever he thinks is best, and Scarlett seriously has had a "PLEASE can I go now" look on her face for this whole scene, which makes me like her a lot more. Also, Ken has been standing there watching the whole time, but you know I already loved him. Joan walks out, and Harry pushes Scarlett after her, telling her to go back to work, and that everything is fine...

...but, as we stay with him, we see that everything is not fine, for he observes Joan settling in for the partners' meeting. Inside, Joan proves true to her word that she has better things to do when she tells the room that, regardless of confidentiality, she needs to know how to bill Project K. Unfortunately, Harry assumes something else is being discussed, and you can see the cartoon smoke starting to come out of his ears even as Ken cautions him not to do it. Joan asks Meredith, the minutes-taker, to step out, but before she gets the chance, Harry barges in and barks that he doesn't know what "she" said because he's "not privy to these conversations," but he'd like the chance to defend himself. Joan starts to tell him that's not what's happening, but Roger, characteristically and hilariously, cuts her off so he can have the pleasure of hearing Harry rant. Outside, Ken lights a smoke and continues to observe unabashedly as Harry informs the room that Scarlett works for him, and Joan tried to fire her. Joan counters with the facts of what Scarlett did, but Harry tells everyone that it's either him or Scarlett. Bertram: "I think you mean, 'if she goes, I go.'" Hee. They may not give him many lines these days, but he makes the most of what he's got. Harry then tells them he just brought in $150,000 of incremental business for the company while solving an image problem. "For what? So I could stand outside that glass and watch you all in here?" He doesn't add "Like Ken is right now," but we're all aware of it. Don starts to ask what Dawn did, but Harry barks at him to keep talking to Joan because she's a partner, and then he Goes There: "I'm sorry my accomplishments happened in broad daylight and I can't be given the same rewards." I don't know if that qualifies as scorching the earth, but I think we can agree that it's at least singed after that one, and Pete The Pimp, of all people, gets all "I BEG YOUR PARDON, SIR" about it. Unbowed, Harry tells him that he knows damn well what he means and then announces that he expects to be in attendance at the next partner's meeting. "I've actually earned it."

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