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Before I start, a couple people were kind enough to remind me that Don's middle name is actually "Francis," as it said on "his" Purple Heart, and I'd wonder about the irony if names weren't completely meaningless on this show.

So, that was a thing, huh? Even though I could feel the internet exploding around me as I watched this episode, the more I think about it the more I think this resolution makes total sense, in spite of its impulsiveness. It certainly fits with the seasonal theme of people doing what they want instead of what is expected of them, as Faye, on paper, would be a much better match for Don than, you know, his secretary. Also, the season, at least at times, has indicated the similarities between Don and Roger, and Roger's been down this road before. I mean, remember how fascinated he was when Jane read him that stupid poem she wrote? Doesn't that sound a little familiar? And finally, let's not forget Faye's prediction that Don would be married again within a year. Of course, she probably didn't figure she'd end up being punched in the gut by said prediction, but that's the irony of life, or at least this show. Anyway:

We open auspiciously enough, with Don asleep and shirtless in bed, when Faye enters and tells him she still has to pack for a seven AM flight, "thanks to you." Not sure whether she's referring to the fact that the termination of her relationship with SCDP is forcing her to take out-of-town business or merely that Don insisted on nailing her during her designated packing time, but either way, if I were Don I'd be like, "This couldn't have waited until you got back?" Actually, he asks her to put him out of his misery, as he's apparently hopelessly nervous about the now-imminent American Cancer Society presentation. Faye assures him he'll do great, and then reminds him that once he's done, he's going to take his kids to California "and have a ball." With three of them in tow, that sounds like a best-case scenario, and it certainly doesn't make Don feel any better, so Faye cautiously suggests that maybe Don's anxiety is at least partially related to the baggage he's carrying around about his past, and he might feel better if he confronted it. Referring to the criminal nature of his past actions, he tells her it's not that simple, and she agrees, but tells him he wouldn't have to do it alone, and that he might feel more comfortable in the end. Playing along, he asks what happens then, and she replies, "Then you're stuck trying to be a person like the rest of us." Don does not look overly thrilled at the prospect of being just like everyone else, but does seem to mean it when, after they kiss, he tells her he's going to miss her. Of course, if he's talking permanently, it's just as well that he mean it.

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