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"Do You Take These Teeth…"

On the balcony, Don asks why, then, Megan saw the girl, and Megan admits she doesn't know, but says she's an actress. "She told me I could never do it because of my teeth. She actually said that to me." Well, all that proves is that she's part of the sighted population, but I'm enjoying the thought that the show went to the trouble of casting Camille's part solely to acknowledge just how enormous those chompers are. I haven't recapped anything so disproportionately large since I was exposed to Lisa Rinna's lips on Veronica Mars. Don tells Megan he loves her teeth, which is some of the best acting Jon Hamm has ever done, and after Megan babbles something about elocution lessons and having the mouth of a singer, he goes in for the kiss. After a bit, she breaks it off, and surely referring to the kids, she asks if they should do this, but he breathes that he's been thinking about her so much, and that's all it takes...

...but let's let them disrobe in private by cutting to Betty, fully dressed, entering Sally's room and lying down in much the same way a sad little girl would. And I'm not made of stone, but honey, hire Carla back and then we can discuss sympathy.

We cross-fade from Betty's miserable face to Don's beatific one, as he and Megan stare post-coitally at each other. She admits that this was the first thing she thought of when he invited her on the trip, and adds that she was going to miss him so much. He counters that she doesn't know anything about him, but she demurs, saying she knows he has a good heart and is always trying to be better. He at least has the good grace not to laugh in her face, instead settling for telling her that while everyone tries, they don't always make it, and he's "done a lot of things." Megan, however, tells him she knows who he is now before noting that it's getting light outside. Before he goes, however, Don tells her he's not sure why, but he needs to know if he'll be able to see her that night, or if this is it. Instead of telling him it might be good for him not to know whether she's a sure thing, she assures him that there's nothing to worry about, so he leaves. I wonder how long it's going to take Sally to figure this shit out. I'm guessing not very.

Peggy and Ken come in for the meeting with the Topaz people, a couple of Noo Yawk Italians, and the president tells them he wants an ad that stands out. "I don't care if it's Abe Beame wearing them!" Well, you're a few years too early, my man. If Ed Koch were on the scene I think you'd be in business. After a little back-and-forth, Peggy expertly comes up with two ideas that the guys like, and we don't get to see the rest of the scene but I think we can count Topaz's mess as sufficiently cleaned up.

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