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"Do You Take These Teeth…"

Anyway, when she breathes his name in surprise, she at least uses "Don" instead of "Mr. Draper," so that clears him to pull out Anna's ring and propose to her. Wait, what do you mean, it's out of nowhere? He's been in love with her for a long time! She's of course overwhelmed, and notes how quickly this is happening, but he busts out an unbelievably trite line about all the things that had to happen for him to get to know her, like what that has to do with the price of tea in China I'll never know and THAT IS NOT A REASON TO GET MARRIED. In case it wasn't clear, though, don't confuse my ranting for disappointment in the story; I think it's totally earned but damn if I'm not going to try to yell some sense into Don Draper's fool head anyway. Anyway, Megan accepts and babbles about how she has to call her mother, and then wonders what they're going to do about work, but Don easily says they'll tell everyone. Megan seems a little taken aback at that one at first, as well she might, but defers thinking about it in order to dial the phone and tell her mother in French that she's got news and to go get her father right quick. I was hoping for a "Zut alors!" from the other end of the phone, but sadly we don't stick around long enough for that...

...because we have to zip ahead to the SCDP offices, wherein Don's waiting in his office when the remaining partners and Joan join him. With a bit of lead-up, Don tells the group that he and "Miss Calvet" are getting married, and after a long moment, Roger asks, "Who the hell's that?" HA! I realize I've probably made statements that contradict this sentiment in the past, but Roger, don't ever change. Joan tells him it's Megan, and Pryce steps forward to congratulate Don before Roger asks, "Megan out there?" Hee. Don tells them he knows it's a surprise, but Megan makes him happy, and that's all Roger needs to hear to suggest that they get Megan in there. When Joan opens the door for Megan, everyone applauds, and Joan kisses her as everyone expresses congratulations. Roger then suggests a toast: "Megan, could you get us some ice?" That one hangs in the air like an ill-conceived proposal, but Roger assures her he's kidding before telling Don that "this is the way to behave," like, if ROGER STERLING is validating your choices you might want to take a good look at yourself here. Joan asks when they're getting married, and Megan says they haven't discussed it but Don assures her it will be soon...

...and then we cut to Ken coming in to tell Peggy that they got the Topaz account. They hug adorably and then decide to go "rub it in." That's what's known as an "expression," by the way. Another one, just as a random example, is to "steal your thunder."

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