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"Do You Take These Teeth…"

Oh, look how that worked out! Peggy and Ken meet Pete on his way out of Don's office and say they have great news, and Pete's like, "Are you two getting married?" I wish! Also, heh. Peggy looks past him to see Megan and Don kissing, and her face falls like a soufflé in a hurricane before she and Ken step in and ask what's going on. When they hear the news, they express their happiness, but when the phone rings, there's an exquisitely awkward pause before Megan volunteers to get it. Heh.

When she's gone, Peggy and Ken tell them their news, and even though it's only a quarter of a million dollars in billings Don is thrilled that "we" broke the streak. Ken then gets in what, despite Roger's howler just now, is quite possibly the line of the episode: "I hope you have all the happiness that Peggy and I had signing this account." Hee. Ken takes off, but Peggy closes the door and questioningly is like, "Wow," so Don tells her it's been "going on a while," and I've already ranted about his exceptionally poor sense of time when it comes to Megan so let's not dwell on that, but I wonder if part of Peggy's tone here is that she figured out Don had something going on with Faye, whom we know she really likes? Peggy manages to say she's happy for him, even though her face is looking perhaps a little pinched, and Don in the most exceptionally tin-eared way tells Peggy that Megan reminds him of her -- "she's got the same spark" -- and he knows Megan admires her as much as he does. I mean, let's not worry about whether Peggy's concerned about Don's choices, or if she's offended that she's being compared to a secretary, but we know she always wants people to be aware that she got where she is without fucking Don, so for him to liken her to Megan when he just announced they're sleeping together has to be galling for her.

Anyway, she gives him a hug and leaves, with him smiling stupidly all the way. And one thing I just thought of that makes the whole thing so consistent: The season, despite a few hiccups on that front, did seem to want to emphasize how the mystique of Don Draper has eroded. And if there's any way to make yourself more of an office joke than marrying your secretary, I'd like to know what it is. Don said so himself. Anyway, when Peggy's gone, Megan rejoins him and tells him it was Faye again, and points out it won't get any easier to tell her if he puts it off. His facial expression seems to acknowledge the truth of that statement...

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