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"Do You Take These Teeth…"

...but we'll give him a moment to decide what to do. Peggy raps loudly on Joan's open door, and Joan, in a hilariously silky voice, asks, "Whatever could be on your mind?" Hee. Peggy slams the door behind her and asks if Joan can believe it, but Joan tells her it happens all the time. Remember Peggy's first day, when Joan told her in regard to the men there, "Most of the time they're looking for something in between a mother and a waitress"? This hardly seems different. She adds that "they're all just between marriages," and twists the knife a bit when she says that Don will probably make Megan a copywriter. "He's not going to want to be married to his secretary." Please, he's not going to want her at his workplace at all. Otherwise how's he going to cheat on her effectively? Peggy, however, takes Joan at face value and wonders if that's what Don was referring to when he said that Megan admires her, and oh, shit, Peggy, maybe you'll have to train her! You'll be begging to have Danny back!

Peggy, smoking her cigarette with extreme prejudice, brings it around to another of her pet peeves as she says she "just saved this company" (I'll let her have that), but it's not as important as getting married, "again." Joan counters that she just got a promotion that's a title and no money, "and if they poured champagne it must have been while I was pushing the mail cart." Aw. Peggy, still scandalized, notes that a pretty face comes along and everything goes out the window, and I can't really describe it but she's brilliantly letting her body language be far less controlled right than usual right now, but Joan tells her she learned long ago not to get all her satisfaction from this job. And then, the most awesome thing happens, as Peggy takes a moment and then bites out, "That's bullshit!" and they both dissolve into giggles. I tell you what, I'll take Don's ill-advised marriage any day if it means weekly closed-door bitch sessions with Peggy and Joan. Hell, I'll take electroshock therapy for that.

Oh, dear. It's time for Don's call to Faye, and I find this painful to watch so I'm going to power through it: She hopes for the best by telling him she was worried he was ill, but when he tells her he needs to talk to her and she shouldn't come by the office, she knows what's up. She at first agrees to meet him for coffee, but then thinks better of it and tells him just to get to it now. He takes a moment and then informs her he met someone and they're engaged, and she of course can't believe any of it but especially not that last part, considering she was still staying over at his house less than a week earlier. She inquires as to who it is, but he asks what the difference is, which should clue her in that she knows the person, because the answer is always "No one you know" when true.

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