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"Do You Take These Teeth…"

He adds that he fell in love and didn't mean for it to happen, and Faye has been very important to him, and Faye snits, "So you're not going to put an ad in The New York Times saying you never liked me?" HA! She's got an even better line coming up, but I had forgotten about that one. Speaking of which: "Well, I hope you're very happy. And I hope she knows you only like the beginnings of things!" I guess Don's too "in love" to realize how accurately she just skewered him there, but when things with Megan go south I hope he remembers that. She hangs up on him and cries, and it's sad, and then Megan comes in, having seen the light on his phone line go off, and he assures her it's done. She stands over him and tells him she loves him, and then her incisors descend from her face and impale him right where he sits. This episode is just full of surprises!

Joan is on the phone with now-in-Vietnam Greg, telling him how Don was "smiling like a fool, like he's the first man who ever married his secretary." Greg asks when Joan is going to tell them her news, and this one at least I and many others called: She did not go through with the abortion, and as such is still pregnant. She tells Greg they'll know soon enough, and Greg asks if she's showing at all, as the pictures he's been getting haven't changed in that regard. That seems like a nod to the fact that she would be showing if Greg were actually the father, but since he's not going to be back for some time I'm assuming Joan's just going to tell him the baby came late. Or maybe it will cooperate with her lie by being premature. Anyway, in response to his question, she assures him that her boobs are in fact bigger, and after he tells her to make sure she eats enough, they hang up...

...and then we go to Ossining, where Betty is lingering in the kitchen with a packed box when Don walks in. Betty lets us know she forgot that Don had the appointment with the listing agent, and also neglected to retrieve the contents of the cabinets in the guest bath, which is why she's there now. Don jokingly asks if that means she wasn't that thorough, and she accepts the humor by conceding that she supposes she wasn't. Don then goes and retrieves a bottle of booze he had hidden on a high shelf in the kitchen, making Betty laugh at her ex-husband's ingenuity born of severe alcoholism. She gets out a cup for them and asks if Don likes the new house, so I guess he got consultation on where his kids would be living, and Don tells her he does indeed. She then asks if he remembers the Ossining house, referring to the times they had there, and when he says he does, she opines that the place in Rye is different.

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