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"Do You Take These Teeth…"

As they share the drink, he asks if that isn't what she wanted, but she admits that her life now isn't perfect, and all the change they've been through has made everything difficult. She's obviously fishing for Don to respond in kind here, but what she comes up with is the unwelcome news about Megan, although Betty reasonably assumes at first that his fiancée is Bethany van Nuys. January Jones does some really nice work here as Betty goes through an expected range of emotions, eventually failing to meet his eyes as she affectlessly says she's very happy for him. He, however, at least tells her it's okay, giving her permission to feel something here, and this is enough for her to recover and smile that she doesn't know why she's surprised. She asks if she's her secretary, saying she heard she watched the kids in California, and Don admits that she is, but any further discussion is interrupted by the real estate agent ringing the doorbell. Don says his goodbyes, but Betty calls him back to give him her key. They regard each other for another long moment, and then leave in opposite directions, the bottle and cup they shared symbolically left behind on the counter...

...and later, in Don's apartment, Megan's asleep with her head on Don's chest, but Don is once again wide awake, perhaps already thinking of someone other than Megan. He looks out the window as Sonny and Cher's "I Got You Babe," a song steeped in impracticality and, given the real-life path of the singers, irony, kicks up, and that's the end of yet another strong and wonderful season. Thanks so much for reading -- hope to see you all next year.

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