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"Do You Take These Teeth…"

...and then he and Pete are returning to the office, with Roger calling, "Did you get cancer?" Hee. Don asks Megan to summon Ken before telling Roger that they got "a meeting for another meeting," and Pete adds that the ACS people were eating out of Don's hand, which is perhaps not quite what I saw, but I think this whole episode is an exercise in making the viewer feel slightly like he's missing something. (By the way, if you haven't read Videogum's recap of the finale, you are missing out. The only thing I'll spoil is that it theorizes that Sally's milkshake is her totem, and spilling it plunged Mad Men into an Inception-style reality.) Anyway, Roger follows Don and Pete into Don's office, and Pete goes on that the board was loaded with fat cats, "as you said," and Pete, it was actually Ken who mentioned that, but of course you were too preoccupied with how you could maintain your partner status without your wife ripping your well-descended testicles off.

Pete goes on that Don had a "particularly empathetic exchange with the CEO of Dow Chemical," and I thought at first he said "empathic" and was wondering when Don suddenly turned into Deanna Troi here. Just as well he didn't -- people want to sleep with him enough without the benefit of gigantic bazooms. Roger acknowledges that landing Saran Wrap would certainly be nice, and offers to lose to the guy at golf, but Pete loftily tells him since it's a philanthropic organization, "Don and I think it best if we approach from the rear." And these days you can't even afford to buy him dinner first. Ken then joins them and is thrilled to hear that Don got them to the top three; however, he's less jazzed to learn that Pete wants him to exploit his personal connection to his father-in-law, who you'll remember just so happens to be the CFO at Corning, to help things along. Frankly, with the company in the state it is, if I were Ken I'd be grateful that they didn't come looking for a father-in-law-related favor even before Don had impressed the Dow Chemical CEO, but Ken doesn't see it that way -- Cynthia is his life, and given the inherently transitory nature of accounts in their business, he's not going to do anything that could remotely jeopardize that. Roger snaps that if Ken wants to be, essentially, a pussy, he'll make the call and drop Ken's name, and Ken tells him to do whatever he wants. "Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go service the thirty percent of this firm that are my clients." I realize that represents far fewer people than it used to, Ken, but that still sounds like a hard afternoon's work.

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