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"Do You Take These Teeth…"

Some Salvation Army dudes are lugging out some furniture from the Francis home as Glen enters the kitchen and asks Carla if Sally's home. Regarding Glen like something that crawled out of a cave, she says she is, but "you shouldn't be here." Woman speaks the truth. Glen, however, says that Betty's car is gone, so he thought it would be safe to say his goodbyes, and Carla, after warning him that Betty will be back soon, gives him leave to go upstairs...

...and after Sally gives him permission to enter her room, she looks happy to see him but reiterates that he shouldn't be there. Sally tells him that the move's actually happening that weekend while she and her brothers are in California, and Glen offers to visit her as soon as he's old enough to drive. Sally in return says she can send him postcards, but Glen tells her it's no big deal: "I say goodbye to people all the time." Ordinarily I'd find that moving, but in Glen's case it's hard to react with anything but "Good." I mean, I know he's a kid, but he's creepy! I'm not immune to that! Sally is, however, as she hugs him goodbye, and given his love of female hair and that his face is so close to her ponytail I certainly appreciate him resisting the urge to take a bite out of it. They break apart, and after Sally happily confirms that she'll be visiting Disneyland while in California, Glen tells her to get him something, and leaves...

...but he's too late, as he and Betty enter the kitchen at the same time. She flips her shit, yelling at him to get out over Carla's attempts to explain, but Glen, despite how he bravely ran away last week, is unintimidated, matching her volume as he asks why she hates him. She seethes that she knows exactly what he's doing: "You could be friends with anyone!" Yes, he certainly seems to be a lock for Junior High Prom King. I mean, I get what you're saying, Betty, except not really. Glen yells that just because Betty's sad doesn't mean everyone has to be, and that's a good parting shot but he has no idea of the destruction she'll wreak just to prove him wrong. Speaking of which, when he's gone, Betty rounds on Carla, and although Carla attempts to explain, when she hears that Carla did in fact leave Sally and Glen alone, Betty asks when she decided she was Sally's mother. Rather than indulge in one of the incredibly numerous available bitchy comebacks to that question, Carla settles for somewhat sharply telling Betty she simply made a mistake, and there's no need for that kind of talk.

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