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"Do You Take These Teeth…"

After stewing like a spoiled child for a moment, Betty tells Carla that she's been thinking -- with the new distance, she's going to need someone closer by, and hands her some cash as she says that should square them for the week. Carla doesn't move at first, challenging Betty really to go through with this amazingly petty and ill-conceived action, but Betty yells at her to take it: "You think I enjoy doing this, after all these years?" Well, as much as you enjoy anything, I'd have to say yes. Also, you really think you are the victim in this scenario? I haven't hated Betty near as much as I think is the norm, even this season, but that is some hateful, offensively deluded crap right there. The words "spoiled, Main Line brat" are echoing in my mind. Carla refuses to go silently as, taking off her apron, she replies that "someone has to look after those children," prompting Betty to ask what Carla's children are up to -- are they all doctors and lawyers? Carla holds her temper to a mere "You best stop talking now," and while she pretty much guaranteed her admission to heaven with that saint-like display of restraint, who among us wouldn't have loved to see her be all "Woman, that is it" and pull out every single lock of Betty's blonde hair? Anyway, Carla starts to head to the stairs so she can say goodbye to the kids, but Betty stops her, basically saying it'll be too much right now on top of the move, like BOTH THINGS AREN'T TOTALLY YOUR VINDICTIVE, PETTY FAULT. Betty at least concedes that Carla can do it another time, so Carla takes the proffered opportunity and gets away from this bitch as fast as her orthopedic shoes can carry her.

Don's accountant is in with him, and there is way too much going on elsewhere in this episode for me to pay any attention to an exchange with no emotional movement at all, so suffice it to say that we learn Don is has already sold the house in San Pedro and has the one in Ossining on the market before Betty calls and breaks the news about Carla. Don is pissed, not so much on Carla's behalf but because she was supposed to come to California to look after the children as needed. He asks if he can't hire her back for the trip, but Betty ridiculously says she doesn't want her "poisoning the well," and frankly I don't know why Don doesn't just take her anyway, but instead he asks what the hell he's supposed to do, as he'll have three kids on two flights and meetings to attend besides. Betty has the gall to suggest he not take them, then, as "they're used to it," but Don snaps that they're going before slamming the phone down on her. If I were him, I'd call her right back just so I could hang up on her again.

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