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"Do You Take These Teeth…"

Joyce and an attractive young woman, whom I see was actually once a contestant on America's Next Top Model, head down the hall at SCDP, and when they pass Harry's office, he sticks his head out like Pepe Le Pew when that cat painted like another skunk walked by. The two women enter Peggy's office, and Joyce calls Peggy "Pumpernickel" and tells her there's no one out front, like, I'm surprised that that's not where the Director of Agency Operations' station is. Maybe she's cleaning the toilets at the moment. Joyce then introduces her friend, "Carolyn Jones," and after they sit, Joyce explains that Carolyn, a model, was on a photo shoot for a certain pantyhose when she got fired, and now needs to make rent. Carolyn adds that Joyce witnessed her nervous breakdown at Howard Johnson's earlier that day, and I've never been a viewer of that show but from what I hear it probably was nothing compared to the nervous breakdowns Tyra Banks caused every contestant on her show to suffer.

And speaking of suffering, Harry, apparently having gotten his insta-boner under control, enters on a flimsy excuse and then asks who "this lovely young thing" is, like, if you sat in shit it would up your average dignity level, guy. Peggy calls attention to the fact that he's rudely ignoring Joyce, which does nothing to stop him, and then gets Carolyn to tell him her story, which is that "the Topaz people" flipped out and fired the people who hired her, and she was the next casualty. Anyway, Joyce asks Peggy if she can help, but Peggy is far too focused on the part about Topaz having fired their agency to be of much use, and then Joyce can't take Harry's smarminess one second longer and gets Carolyn the hell out of there. When they're gone, Harry lingers for a moment and then leaves, and Peggy looks disgusted. And it's not going to be the last time a man's behavior causes her to make that face.

Don comes out of his office and asks Megan for an update, and Megan, who's been trying to arrange for babysitting, says the hotel does have a service but there's no one girl who can take care of all three kids at the same time, so the arrangements are rather convoluted. Apparently finding inspiration in her gigantic teeth, he offers to double Megan's weekly salary if she'll come along and take care of the kids, and after Megan tells him she has no professional experience, but she does have a college friend out there, and he assures her she'll be fine, she accepts...

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