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"Do You Take These Teeth…"

...but instead we cut to the three of them waiting on Dead Anna's porch. Stephanie comes to the door and lets them in, and after greeting the kids, she tells Don that the notary is late, but her mom put the papers in order so all she has to do is sign, and then the kids can be on their way to Marineland. Seeing the flowers on the wall, Bobby asks who painted them, and Don tells him it was his "friend" Anna, who used to live there, and that Stephanie is her niece. With all this explanation, I'm wondering what Don told the kids in advance about this little stop, if anything. I mean, do they know he owns this house, and if so, how do they think that came to be? Whatever, I'm sure I'm underestimating Don's ability to deflect and obfuscate with a pithy irrelevancy. However, when Sally asks who the Dick in "Dick and Anna '64" is, as Stephanie watches expectantly, Don tells her that's him. "That's my nickname, sometimes." Well, I'm glad he put a lot of thought into preparing for this moment!

Stephanie looks proud of what she apparently sees as a major breakthrough, and then after Don sends the kids off to pick the lemon tree in the backyard, Stephanie gives Don something from Anna -- her engagement ring from the real Don Draper. Don asks Stephanie if she doesn't want it, but Stephanie tells him that Anna wanted him to have it, and she wouldn't mess around with that; besides, she doesn't believe in marriage. Well, this episode is going to prove you wrong, missy! Stephanie goes on to say that she's not going back to school right away, and when Don asks what she's going to do, she says she doesn't know, which is the beauty of it -- she's got her whole life ahead of her. "So do you." The notary then knocks on the door, and when Stephanie goes to get it, Don takes another pensive look at the "Dick and Anna" painted in the corner. And hey, this is the part of the paragraph where a joke goes, but if you want me to make one you can't end the scene like that.

Don, Sally, and Bobby return to the pool, where they find Megan standing in the water next to Gene, who's sitting on the edge. Sally and Bobby tell Don to come in, unfazed that he's fully dressed, but Don begs off, saying he's beat...

...but, after sitting in his room for a while, staring into space...

...he appears in his bathing suit, cannonballs into the water, and starts playing with the kids. Some puppies and kittens then start frolicking by the side of the pool, which does nothing to increase the cuteness factor of the scene.

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